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Can a Virgin be successful with a Non-Virgin?.

MD Geist

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Is it possible for a total virgin like someone whos never kissed before at all or has never been in a relationship or had sex be successful with someone who's been there before and done it?.


The point of this topic is to perhaps uncover the inscertitry that some of us virgins have today and the long lasting worry of performing not so well their first time.


I know for women its possible for them to be successful cause regardless they don't have much to worry about where as men we always need to be on our best interest for that other person regardless of how experienced we maybe.



To be honest personally I don't think its possible at all. Its like once you reach a certain age you might as well not even try at all.


Open discusion for everyone.

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The answer is "absolutely yes". When I was a virgin, the girl I slept with had no idea, and I didn't lead on. A few days into it, I remember her even going out of her way to say, "I don't understand virgins. How can you be a virgin? I mean, if you're dating someone then you should sleep with them. My last boyfriend was a virgin. I'm so glad that's not you."


Hey, we're all the same really. You may not be a natural during your first time, but who cares? It's not rocket science. You'll likely enjoy it either way.

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I'll be the broken record & say my bf hadn't been with anyone before we got together. He had kissed one girl before me, & dated another girl for maybe a month.


I was in a LTR way before we got together, so I hadn't been a virgin in 5 years. And in the last 5 years I've dated several guys. So I've had a pretty good amount of experience before him. We've been together for not quite a year now. So it is possible!

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Heh, well, being an "inexperienced" guy, myself, I don't think it's necessarily "impossible". It'll depend on two things: A) the girl herself, and B) how you present your lack of experience to her. I don't think many of the "good" girls will care; it's the girls who jump from one sexual escapade to the next that you'd probably have to be concerned about (and even then, that's probably not the type of girl you'd want to get involved with, anyway). And when ya DO find a girl you can be with, just don't act all desperate about it, don't build it up to be this big deal; if anything kills a girl's interest in having sex with a virgin, desperation would probably be the thing to do it.

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I do think virgins can be successful with non virgins, i mean just because you have had more sex partners doesn't mean you will be great in bed when starting out with a new partner, so simply being more experinced doesnt mean a lot because every person is not the same when it comes to sex.

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I personally think it's a really BAD idea for two virgins to get together for their first time. It's kind of difficult at first when you've never done it before, and it's good to have someone with a bit of experience. I'm saying this because I lost my virginity to another virgin, and it was a pretty terrible experience lol.


You can't expect to be amazing your very first time, but if you do it with someone who is understanding, then it wont be bad. I believe that the key to good sex is communication and chemistry, NOT experience.

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