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  1. A long distance relationship is not always doomed, but there must be an end in sight. You two need to come up with a plan to be together again. The plan doesn't have to be set in stone, but there does need to be a plan.
  2. I disagree. He was playing games with her and it backfired. However, OP, that doesn't mean that you can't feel terrible about what happened. I do think you need to see a therapist to get over this. After 4 years, I don't think you can move past this on your own. Seeing a therapist would be the best for you, I think. Does your girlfriend know how you feel? I also find it concerning that you can talk about your girlfriend being "pounded," like she's just some sex object. Please see a therapist, OP.
  3. As others have said, I wouldn't call that a lie, though it doesn't make it right.
  4. If someone is that busy that they don't even have time to see their girlfriend/boyfriend, then frankly, I don't think they have time for a relationship. People have priorities, and when their relationship is a priority, they make time for it. If he's so busy that he can't maintain a relationship, then he needs to be single until he has time for a relationship.
  5. IMO, people just dont disappear for no reason. In your previous thread you said that he just stopped contacting you for 4 days without saying a word about it. People don't do that just because they need space. I have a feeling he is not being honest about something.
  6. If Facebook is getting you this upset, then you need a break from it for awhile. Think about what a "like" is. It's a click of the mouse that takes less than a second to do. In other words, it's meaningless. It's also the shallowest way to be friends with someone --- hey, I haven't talked to this person in 3 years but I liked her status recently, so we're still friends, right? Right?? Do you see how this is a very poor measurement of friendship?
  7. Annie, I'm late in coming into this, but I'm so sorry about what's happened. From what you posted, I do think you're better off without him. Also, from what you've said, I wondered if you had a bit of "white knight syndrome" with him? I know that that's a term usually applied to men, but I think it can happen to women as well. Do you think it could have been anything like that? It seems like you nurtured him during a bad period in his life, and I wonder if he couldn't respect you for that. I could be totally off-base because I haven't been following your journal too closely, but maybe it's something to think about.
  8. Annie, I'm hoping it was just a habit too. I say/do things out of habit sometimes too. There was this one time I nearly slapped my mom on the ass because I was thinking about my boyfriend. haha.
  9. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a background check. Employers do it. Why can't you?
  10. OMG, that's the biggest fear of my life, having roaches in my apartment.
  11. Annie, does it talk about people changing their attachment style? Because at various points in my life I feel like I could have been an avoidant, and at other times anxious.
  12. I think it's worse than dating a co-worker though. Imagine having to call someone at 3 am to report something about a patient so that you can get an order, and then also dating that person? Just no. NO NO NO.
  13. I just can't ever imagine dating a doctor from my hospital. Super awkward.
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