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  1. I'm very ashamed to be a virgin at 26. I'm looking to lose it very soon to a pro.
  2. It all depends on how the product or should I say investment sounds to them will ultimately determine if they will buy or not. I was talking recently with a very experienced woman and she says talking about prior sex experience is a huge mistake to a girl. But unforunately the topic will evenitually come up as the relationship progresses. There's really no way to avoid it especially if your not having sex with her she's going to "think" whats wrong with him? I typically try and go for the older crowd of women 28-30 beyond and most of them are divorced women who have been recently di
  3. I think most girls will end up belittling a man for his virginity regardless. Sooner or later she's going to find out UNLESS you simply lie to her which isn't a bad idea considering she probably won't know and could save you a bit of drama. Most girls will say no to a virgin and would prefer an experienced man.
  4. I'm assuming your a woman. Things are much different when your a man whos a little older and never kissed can create complications. Women like sex and theres an unwritten rule that a man MUST please her and KNOWS exactly how to do so because if not it will be ackward and unsatisfying. I don't know of any girl who likes to take the lead, they like a man to lead them and not the otherway around.
  5. From my recent experience I must say that the whining and complaining that women often tell men to stop does indeed need to stop. I took advice from a Player to improve my POF profile and long behold I got a ton of responses in a week. Once I even got up to 7 emails in a day. Men or Women should never go out of their way for someone unless they are married to them. Although yes keep working on yourself, stay healthy, stay clean and carry yourself beyond Jeans a T-shirt. Get out there and find different hobbies especially if yours is dominated by the same sex as you.
  6. Kids ruin everything if they aren't yours. Id never date a woman who has a child regardless of how nice she was.
  7. Superficial sounds like another term for power trip. Somehow I always interact with these girls when they come out of a relationship such a marriage or long term and they feel the need to prove themselves and what they can do to others. I will remain skeptical when I meet women and interact with them no matter how nice they will be, Everytime I allow them to get close they hurt me. Some of them did it intentionally.
  8. That seems to be the excuse everytime. I'm generalizing, It's my attitude yet these girls are all the same. No matter who they are.
  9. Perhaps I should. I don't know were else or what else I should do.
  10. If thats the case then what is? Keep in mind it's beyond the 200 I've mentioned it's practically all women I've come accross.
  11. LMAO!!!! This is based on the near 200 experience I've had trying to date women and not including all the others I've witnessed to and seen first hand which is countless. Women are heartless especially because they are emotionally driven. I've seen men be total jerks but you know women are just as bad if not worst. I've lost friends because of how women rejected them. I've been put through a lot. I can't say much else about them other than how heartless they can be.
  12. I've been screwed and lead on countless times. Have I been out dating? In fact I have! One of the reasons why I haven't been on Ena as much. I've been going on frequient dates. Yet all the girls I meet have been very flakey. Especially this current one who keeps making excuses not to met me and was upset with me for nothing today. Women are heartless. They will respect mean men, they know those men will throw them out the door, but guys like me they will take full advantage of. Don't give me any more BS excuses that these are the wrong kinds of women! The point is I've been on dates with g
  13. Women are very heartless anyway you look at it. If you aren't performing at top notch she'll just write you off.
  14. I have been doing online dating. the only time I have ever been out on dates and thats with women in which I'm not interested in or not attracted to at all in other words I have comproimised. I go to the largest church in my area, it has actually been in the media before. There's a wonderful event that include 3000+ people my age that meets weekly, problem is women want status guys, they typically end up dating and marrying Air Force Cadets. Obesity is not a problem with me as long as its not out of control. I'm considered by my doctor to be "Obese" and realistically I'm
  15. Well a lot of women by this age already have had sex and have had kids. They know what they want and are more open about it in this generation. If a girl wants to discover ones sexual past shes going to ask and figure that out on her own. I don't know were else to look. The clubs and bars have been the only places I haven't checked. That is easier said that done. Most of the time they are either married or they won't make time for me at all. I don't keep my standards high at all. I actually prefer women in their 30's than ones in their 20's because they are out of the
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