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  1. That was exactly how it happened with me and my boyfriend. We were together for 6 months, 10 minutes apart and seeing eachother everyday and night! Then college came. We go in the same state, but I'm local. I go to a community college 25 minutes away from my house, and he goes to Texas Tech in Lubbock which is 5 hrs away. It's not soo bad though. We're doing just fine. He comes back every 2 weeks for the weekend and we have long breaks of course. 1 month for x-mas, a week for Thanksgiving, a week for spring break, and 4 months for summer! during that time we see eachother every day and
  2. Yeah I lost weight. The first week I didn't have nausea or anything, I just literely had no appetite. So I lost like 6 lbs the first week. It's been easier to loose weight, and with how healthy I am and how active I am, I haven't gained any. If I ever did gain any weight, it would be my fault. Not the lexapro. It's always funny to me when people blame medicines for gaining weight. It's their own damn fault lol.
  3. Really? I guess I was one of the few that didn't experience that. I thought it was the lexapro that was causing the nausea when I took it early, so I now take it later on in the day. But I still feel bouts of nausea and even throw up in the mornings I get up early iif I don't eat right away. But that's not the lexapro. That's the hypoglycemia/IBS. I hope the nausea goes away for you soon. I know, it's the worse feeling in the world!
  4. The only side affects I had was dialted pupils for the first 2 weeks. Other then that, nothing much. I've been on it around 6 months, and I LOVE it! 10 mg is what I'm on.
  5. I don't like wearing anything overly provacative. My style is my own, I dress for the most part pretty conservatively. In Hollister, American Eagle type clothes. Every now and then I like to mix it up and wear a cute little dress that shows some skin, a low top with a lace cami under neath, or a short little dress with leggingins. I think anything EXTREMLY provactive is disrespectful to your SO, but nothing I wear is that way. And so if my SO were to try to control what I wore, or if I dressed up for him and he would try to cover me up I would be seriously offended. When a guy t
  6. Yeah the guys that broke up with me always came back sooner or later. But it wasn't to be in a relationship, just to hook up or something along that sort. But they were all insignifgant relationships. The one I'm in now is the one that only matters.
  7. I'm not a virgin. But I didn't go past kissing until I was 17, I didn't have oral or sex until I was 18, and my boyfriend is only the 2nd partner I've had. And i'm his 1st. He's the one I plan to be with for the rest of my life.
  8. Not a virgin. Didn't loose it until I was 18 though. Have slept with only 2 people, the last one being the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life. It is hyped up, so don't do it with some random guy. Wait til you find love. Because THATS when the real sparks fly.
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