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  1. While I consent to neither of those, and don't drink and have never touched weed, I would say Alcohol is. By farr.
  2. I don't like wearing anything overly provacative. My style is my own, I dress for the most part pretty conservatively. In Hollister, American Eagle type clothes. Every now and then I like to mix it up and wear a cute little dress that shows some skin, a low top with a lace cami under neath, or a short little dress with leggingins. I think anything EXTREMLY provactive is disrespectful to your SO, but nothing I wear is that way. And so if my SO were to try to control what I wore, or if I dressed up for him and he would try to cover me up I would be seriously offended. When a guy tries to control what I wear etc, its an instant deal breaker. I have my own style, and I know what looks good on me. I wear what I want! Nobody else can tell me otherwise.
  3. Yeah the guys that broke up with me always came back sooner or later. But it wasn't to be in a relationship, just to hook up or something along that sort. But they were all insignifgant relationships. The one I'm in now is the one that only matters.
  4. Yup. I'm a very wordy person because I'm a writer, he says very sweet things to me and is a romantic aswell, but it takes him longer to say sweet things because he likes to put alot of thought into them, where as for me they just come out. And he likes to "show" more. He'd rather just come up and hug me and cuddle, same with me I love that and sex is a total romantic thing for us. Being in eachother's arms, lots of kissing and saying "I love you" through out. But with the part-time distance, he has learned to be more wordy.
  5. Yeah same here. I am totaly loyal and commited, sex is a pure and romantic act foru us. And I see him one weekend a month and on holidays so it's extra special! It makes me sick how my friend has slept with over 30 guys at the age of 18, and will refuse a relationship with them, will drive an hr to get it, have a 3-some, and have sex with someone she met one night even though they have a girlfriend, yet she still says her heart is taken by one guy and wants only him? * * * F?
  6. Same for me. But I really don't like having lots of partners. Hate it. I've slept with one guy before my boyfriend, and my boyfriend has slept with just me. And I really plan on having it stay that way, because I don't want any other guy in my life. This is it for me.
  7. I couldn't have the sex without the love. But then It wouldn't be a great romantic relationship without the sex! So it's 50/50 for me. Sex is half and romance and love is half.
  8. Sex makes up about 40, or 50% of the relationship to me and my boyfriend. Even less for him lol.
  9. Well the only situation I could see was if you were at a party, and someone slipped something in your drink. Now if you were trashed, and followed somebody up to a room, and they may of taken the initiative, but you went along anyways, that person is to blame
  10. Yeah seriously, there is NO excuse! I know my boyfriend would ever cheat on me. Neither of us drink either, so no excuse anyways! He's been drunk once in his life about a year or so ago before me just to see what it was like and he said it was stupid. And obviously he didnt let it get the best of him anyways, if he hadnt even gone past kissing before he met me. He simply doesnt like the taste of alcohol, and even if he did drink, he knows his limit and wouldnt let himslef get drunk. I like the taste of things such as Smirnoff and tequeila, but have never been drunk. And I def dont drink at all since I've been with him. Or go to wild parties. I dont like to drink, because I like to be in control of the situation. And honestly since I've never been drunk, I dont know WHAT I would do in the situation if I got horribly drunk and I got taken advantage of. I dont believe I would ever cheat even being drunk, but its never happened and I dont want to take the risk! Besides, if I did get taken advantage of it would be half my fault anyways for going to a party I knew was going to be "wild" and drank. So thats why, just say no!
  11. if you dont mind me asking, why would you have to schedule time to talk during a week, did you not talk every day? and was it the distance that broke you up, or other issues?
  12. Nature removes its' tourniquet of life, Ending existence without acquiescence, Exposing worlds of analytical light, With beauty reflected in all its' magnificence, A universe colored in palettes of awe, Bathing eyes in orange and gold, Shades caress with nary a flaw, Hearts yearning for autumn to hold, Harvest moon is high in the sky, Time has come to reap what was sown, Treasures of wonder expressed with a sigh, Essense of quality tossed and blown, In veils of autumn a respite exists, Energies dormant but only of view, Caches nourished while living desist, Slowly absorbing strengths to renew "autumn is my favorite season of the year. Tell me what you think..."
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