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Is She the one? Here's some answers to help you!


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I was reading through this months Men's Health magazine and the girl next door aka Nicole Beland had a great piece. Here is a verbatim excerpt from her column about knowing if a girl is "the one".

I'm posting it b/c I think its pretty darn accurate at least from my experience. There probably isn't just "one" person in the entire world but here is some pretty good guidelines from distinquising that special someone from some other chic


1. She backs you up no matter what your goal- whether its working out three times a week or changing careers-and wants to help you any way she can.

2. You're honest with each other even when the truth is going to cause problems

3. You spend equal time listening to each other complain.

4. You like who you are around her. She makes you a better person.

5. Your fights uusally spiral down into rational discussions.

6. You find her very, very attractive (I think sexy should be added her also)

7. You have crazy, amazing, out-of-this world-sex, and neither of you is afraid to suggest new tricks.

8. You have the same values when it comes to fidelity, marriage, and family

9. You have fun doing absolutely nothing.


Hope that helps some of you.


....You want to read more of the article Buy the Mag! March Issue Men's Health

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Are you working for this magazine??



Hey Neo,


Thank you for sharing this information with us, Neo. I think they are very helpful.


Neo, I think you did a GREAT job posting this on the forum and you are trying your utmost to help everyone on here by your posts. However (and this is actually a comment to the admin of this forum), it might be a good idea to be careful posting here from a magazine. Most articles are copyrighted by their author. There could be some legal issues you haven't thought of by copying her article or a summary of this onto this forum.


Although I find your article very helpful for other members, I thought to share my two cents on this. Don't let this stop you from posting more, Neo ... YOU are doing great!!


~ SwingFox ~

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I'm sorry, fox, I dont really catch this. I think neo has given credit where it is due stating the name of the magazine as well as the author of the article. None of it was plaguarized and it is helpful advice for all. If your concerns were not this, then I am unclear of what they are

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Hi guys, i am not sure what are the details of the us copyright law, but i think it is permitted to use a paragraph or so from a copyrighted materials also amusing you give credit to the source.


It really depends on polices, some will be even happy to see their content being discussed in external forums etc., while others will try to see this as unlawful.

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