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  1. Thats the thing! a lot of people think its my responsibility to be KIND and stop being his friend. So im really confused.
  2. i also think this has more to do with your relationship with your husband than your desire to be with a woman which you think will compensate that void. Try and fix the relationship..
  3. hello...so i have told him very clearly, and he said he wanted to stay friends as it would be sad to lose the connection we had...which i agree with. there is something very sincere and nice between us. Although i guess ive been trying to distance a bit just because i feel like it might be healthier for both of us.. He talks about other women but im not sure if its to get a reaction or generally being a friend and sharing stuff....i will never know really!
  4. Thanks for the advice. Some replies are a bit rude, “stop being an a hole” really?? I thought this was a place where people could come and ask for advice - not get judged. If you think I’m making a mistake you can tell me in a better way? Anyways, thank you for taking the time.
  5. Hi, I really need some help here. I’ve had a lot of struggle trying to find guys I connect with and recently I came across one who was a lot like me, we instantly connected (online) and could talk endlessly. We met in person and it all came crashing down as I was turned off by his appearance body language and hygiene. He’s also quite small framed and I feel huge and somewhere that makes me feel less feminine. (No offence to anyone- these are just my issues!) I also didn’t like being touched by him much- especially if there was more than a platonic feel to it. He put his hand on my thigh onc
  6. Ok thank you all. it’s really unfortunate when you like someone as a person and are so compatible but feel no attraction or chemistry. Like I would not want to get close to them or kiss them but fine with hugs as friends. I didn’t like the way they smelled or looked and no natural desire to get close. I battled with this for a while and finally realised I had to end it. Is this very common? It’s just really sad coz I find it difficult to come across guys who I share a connection with :(
  7. so i met this guy on a dating app a year ago, and loooong story short - he was very interested in me, we had a great connection but when we met in person I felt no chemistry at all. We stayed in touch for a while to see if there was anything there but i was just not feeling it so i was very honest with him. We kind of stayed as friends as we had a great rapport and similar wavelength...and pretty clear that I have no romantic aspirations here. Recently i met his friend who is also single and i really like him. Now im not sure what to do because im not directly in touch with his friend and i
  8. So I met this guy online... Eventually he used to call me everyday and we talked for hours. This went on for a month or two. I was having difficulties in other areas of my life...was very depressed.. so ghosted him. Never responded or returned his calls. He sent me a text that he never felt this connection and this way about anyone and wished I could atleast give it a chance..i didnt even respond and that was my bad. Its been 3 years.... I recently came across his contact and just texted...not sure why...maybe to apologise...maybe curiosity.. He responded back and immediately asked if w
  9. So we work in a co-working space with people from different companies. The last few weeks I've been sitting in a particular area of the building and doing my work. The seat is such that when anyone passes by, it's natural to look up /look at them. There was this guy who sits there and we ended up glancing at each other way too many times because he kept walking past me. I was feeling really awkward about it. Later that evening I saw him from a distance and our eyes instantly met for a few seconds and he kept looking so I just looked away. The next day, I almost felt like he walked pas
  10. Wow, thank you for the replies! I see all kinds of responses. It's a 2 hour flight away. I'm OK with him not taking this forward but he's the one who keeps texting and calling me (i barely initiate). I even stopped responding at one point but he came back. So not sure what he wants from me really.
  11. So I have a really close guy friend who got married recently. Now I'm really close to both him and his wife. They both live in my city. I went to his home city for their wedding, he introduced me to his best man (childhood best friend) who was/is also single. We had a few conversations, the guy was really busy at the wedding and my trip was short. I did notice he was super caring and an amazing friend - was doing a lot for our mutual friend who was getting married. Just generally sweet, taking care of us so well as a host. It was very kind. A few months later I added him on facebook just
  12. Hello! So I started running +walking 5K or more 6 days a week in the mornings. I eat quite healthy already (no sugar no glutten no fried no processed) and a plant based diet... My metabolism has always been slow since I was a child. And I'm against dieting because in the long run it never works for me. It's been nearly 3 weeks and I'm not really seeing any results. I'm beginning to get worried. I am about 8-10 pounds overweight. How long does it take to see any change?
  13. Thanks batya, what about him asking if I can meet him for coffee or a movie?
  14. I'm not hanging around him at all. I just go for these shows because I enjoy them. I don't even talk to anybody or him. He approaches me so I talk back. That's all.
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