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  1. well thanks, things got interesting as she finnally got a hold of me last nite and everything is kind of sorted out but we still havent talked about some issues that i want to be a little more open about but it was good to hear from her again so just go from here i suppose
  2. wow wat a jerk. its a shame that a guy like this is out there setting a viewstance about other guys and giving us a bad reputation
  3. im taking a step back with the situation i am in right now. i think she means more to me than i mean to her so yeah its not gonna happen like that
  4. it does if u put intentions of wanting a relationship out there. plus im just about 19 (like it makes a difference) but the thing is i am much more mature for my age ppl tell me and i did say in first post that im not generalizing all females
  5. yeah thats true, idk i guess i want a relationship rather then dating. i may give this last girl another chance, but im definatly gonna keep 'more distance' this time around and not be so widely available
  6. i said before, i didnt mean litterally 'giving' like gifts or stuff. i did take one girl to a basketball game but i meant like i just have a lot of to offer as a person
  7. not only that ive talked to 2 ppl about my situations more indepth (it would take hours to post here) and they agree that i deserve more and that im better off without them.
  8. i didnt mean give the world literally. i just there for them. prolly cuz my schedule is soo free id like to spend more time with them idk it might be that. im here and comforting them and it seems like i mean a lot to them, but nopers
  9. so ive been in 2 'more-than-friends' relationships and ive given out the world and it doesnt mean anything. not to generalize against women as an entire group. but maybe ive just had some beginners bad-luck cuz the situations ive been in i know i deserve a lot more and have the person care for me a lot more. not to sound greedy or anything but its just not the amount id expect
  10. actually im waiting a few days to send that letter. i just texted her brothers cell phone and told him to tell her i can no longer talk to her, and that ive been disappointed too many times and can only take so much heartbreak. im hoping the text messages got to him cuz there is no confirmation. hopefully he can get a hold of her and tell her or atleast do it sometime soon cuz they talk pretty often
  11. I met this girl online dec. 22 and i went to her house dec. 31 to celebrate new yrs it was supposed to go to a party but we just stayed at her house from like 6pm to 1am. Everything was amazing but to this point I havent seen her since. So we are a month into our relationship and only seen eachother one time. We talk on the internet like every few days. I have a lot going for me with school and work and she has kind of been struggling in her life with work and getting a place to live. Basically she has completely busy and its really hard for her to even see me now. Its been 20 days since i see
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