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  1. he wouldnt wanna play volleyball with you if he didnt like you. so you are in a good place right now, he def. seems to enjoy your company. see where things can go, just remember the future as you both go to college soon dont want a nasty breakup in the future so be careful not to set urself up for disaster later.
  2. wow, you are only 20. i am kind of in a similar situation and but im 19. ive only had one 'more than friends' thing that lasted a few months but didnt really go anywhere but we remain friends. I am seeing a girl now, although timing is bad and i havent actually seen her in a few weeks. Once you get into a situation, its just natural from there. In high school i rarely talked to girls and didnt date any cuz it was not gonna last and would be pointless. I guess im an average guy, definatly not great looking or anything. I would never of though in a million years i could date the girl i am dating right now (beautiy-wise) but fortunatly for both of us looks are maybe 10%. Everyone that sees her pics is just like, whoa how did you manage that or whatnot. I dont condone it, but you can try finding someone online that way your intentions for a relationship/dating are out in the open, thats kind of what i did and it is such a relief to the whole situation. the girl i havent seen in almost 2 months (our first date) i am going to see tomorrow and its soo great
  3. the distance has been allowing this to occur without you knowing. ashame that there are ppl out there like that who treat their partner like scum. id sit down and evaluate your situation, can you really trust this person?
  4. seriously, what if she gets hurt one time, then how are you gonna feel, you gonna have a serious regret that you didnt help. although you wont be able to heel the emotional abuse but you can help by getting her away from this pyscho
  5. it's called addition by subtraction buddy, better in the long run. but if this is the first and only time it's happened, just watch out in the future
  6. yeah i didnt really mean to blame the poster, but im not taking back my comments about abuse wont be tolerated by law cuz it is true. the poster can help though, although he shouldnt be of blame, that douche bag of a parent is to blame and if i were the child he would of been in jail a long time ago
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