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  1. So i guess Chrissy talked to her today, she said something about not wanting to leave last night.. that I smelled so good (what the hell?) and asked if I said anything about her.. she said that i didn't really..but that i didn't want to leave either.. I making a move.. think I got a green light.
  2. Yea, last thing i want to do is seem over eager, I want it to develop naturally, but i dont want to lose her per se.. I'm gonna make a move next time I see her.. gotta play it cool.. I know she likes me, she was basically ontop of me last night, and I was getting good body language.
  3. Go for it, if you dont, your gonna regret it for a long time.
  4. You Are a Natural Flirt image removed Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive!
  5. Yea I agree, I just hadn't noticed anything before last night. I just dont want to move too fast. This girl is very pretty. Obviously if she is laying near me touching me, those are signs. I was in a relationship so long I forgot what they were lol. This is the first girl ive actually liked since me and the ex split.
  6. Hello all. I'm posting because i think my friend Christina's cousin may like me. Not positive.. but im reading signs. Here we go. I know she thinks im cute, she has told her cousin this, and Chrissy has told me. Not that it means anything. On saturday night, I met up with Chrissy, her boyfriend and her cousin Alyssa. They were dancing at a club, and i hung out with them most of the night, me and Alyssa talked a few times,I kept it short..and Chrissy suggested we all go to the movies the following day. So the four of us went the following day, Alyssa talked to me during the movie, then we all went back to Chrissy's and hung out for a bit, and parted ways. So tonight rolls around, and im hanging out at Chrissy's house, and Alyssa calls chrissy at like 10:00pm, saying shes getting out of work and wants to come over. So she gets there, and me Chrissy, her boyfriend are all just hanging out on her big bed watching TV. Alyssa sits over near chrissy and we all kinda just start chatting. I dont know what forced it,but Alyssa kinda flops over to where I am, and puts her head on the pillow im using... and kinda has her body really close to mine. She rests her hair over my arm. Kinda goes out of her way to be close to me. So she gets up awhile later, and says "I'm getting my seat back, haha" and plops down basically ontop of me again.. and we all just talk and depart. Now, I know it sounds corny..and I've talked with Chrissy.. she says i should go for it and see what happens.. should I have asked for her number..or..? I'm not 12 either, lol I'm 23, shes 20 I think.. so were not young..I am just wondering if im reading sigs right?
  7. myspace wrecks relationships, I dont care what anyone says. It seems we live in the age of replacing people, instead of working out issues.
  8. So i talked to my friend that saw her, she was wearing a SPORTS BRA, and doing one of the stepper machines that are on the floor infront of everyone.. theres only two. She would NEVER wear only a sports bra.. she doesn't have much of a chest.. and she is self conscious about it. That's insane, maybe shes trying to show off, I dont know.. I know that isn't the girl I dated.. but maybe she changed. I was shocked, she is very shy.
  9. So, me and the ex have been split for about 4 and a half month now. I broke NC about a month and a half ago and texted her to see how she was, she was OK, said she still thought about me, but was mad about how things ended still. (She holds grudges, and cant let stuff go, I guess not much has changed with her). I know I shouldn't have broken NC, but I felt like I would have regretted it if i didn't. I think she is seeing someone else now. I used to go to a GYM that was 15miles from me, pretty big GYM, and I started going there right after we broke up. She started going to a GYM near her house. Literally one mile from her house. She never worked out a day in her life until we broke up, go figure. I have been working out for about 2 years now. So, I stopped going to the GYM I was, because it was getting too costly a month. I have friends that still go to that GYM, and low and behold she came walking in yesterday and worked out there I think. I dont know if she came with another guy or what.. but I thought it was odd she started going there. Not to mention her mom payed for the membership at the other gym. This Gym is like 15-20miles from her. Glad I dont go there, dont think i could handle seeing her. Especially now that she is all fit and whatnot.
  10. Thanks all for the advice, and I have kissed her. Several times. She is going to college to be a teacher, I thought a funny childrens book, some candy/gum in a box with a bear would be cute. It's not too over the top, but it shows i still care..
  11. Well, I've been seeing this girl for about a month now, and she goes away to school. We met shortly before her winter break was up, and we talk every day or so. It's kind of a weird situation, we aren't "dating", but we talk/text quite a bit, and there are some feelings there. I have her address at college, and we've spoke of sending eachother something but non-chalantly about it. So I'm not sure what to do, or what to send for that matter. Something sweet, that lets her know I'm thinking about her, but nothing too serious, as I'm not sure where this is going. Any ideas?
  12. I will be staying away Frisco, and you still make me LOL at the whole situation. Great quote. Yea, it burns a little. And I know I gotta move forward now. I hope her day comes when she gets stung as bad as she has stinged me. At least it's not day one, It feels better than that. I just know I HAVE TO move forward for myself now. It's no longer my loss. I have grown quite a bit, and she still has so much maturing to do. Thanks again friend. SJV, I wouldn't reccomend it. If you can accept that he could be seeing someone else now, then go for it, but i would advise against it.. I midly regret what I did, but it brought that closure that I needed I think. Time to pick myself up again, brush off, and push forward.
  13. It hurts, but I'm not back at day one by any means. I know I wont contact her again until she does, and even then, I dunno. I guess I dont regret it.. I just wished the outcome was different..obviously.
  14. Anyone have any insight.. I woke up this morning depressed.. sort of like when we initially broke up. I'm starting to feel like the text was a bad idea now. I keep wondering if shes seeing someone, whats he like, now that he has the one I love. I lost her, and I cant get her back. I guess I need to move forward, but its so hard. Why would she say she misses me, and has good days and bad days.. she still thinks of me.. but I guess not in "That way"? Frisco, Superdave, Scout?? Was this my "kick in the you know what?"
  15. Sure, I would say its still normal to feel pain after a year. Seven years is a long * * * time. I dated someone for four years, and its been three months. I am feeling better, but I still have setbacks and miss her like crazy. Things happen for a reason friend, keep moving forward, it gets slowly easier.
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