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  1. If you can spend the time on the foreplay, its much better. She can orgasm while having sex if you absolutely tease her beforehand. And for the guys who orgasm too soon - try distracting your mind. Generally, an orgasm is a result of both mental and physical pleasure. Next time you feel you are going to orgasm too early, start trying to work out the alphabet, backwards. =P The distraction helps immensely.
  2. Unfortunately, he has just got worse. I feel for him. We could very possibly be putting him down tomorrow. Whenever I think about euthanasia, my right arm gets sore.. very strange..
  3. Adzy

    So attracted.

    and no, i didnt make a move. maybe another time.
  4. Adzy

    So attracted.

    i saw her today.. this message might be a little bit screwed cuz im fairly drunk.. but still a good typer =D Okay. Went to the city today with her, and 3 other girls. Spent most time with her, i think. I also think that another girl that came likes me, so that could be a problem, but should be alright i guess. i hope. =P well. more life story.. today. she was amazing, like usual. She's so.. considerate. She thinks like I wish i thought. Special. Mm. I just want to hug her more and more. oneday. hopefully. ill get to look after her. i want to buy her flowers. im not sure how her best friend feels about it. we're really close kinda, which is really nice. A mate and i went to her house tonight, and spent the night taking photos and video of us on the floor. Stuff like that makes me really love life. Where would we be without those we love.
  5. we went to another vet and stuff.. he gave him an antibiotic injection, and now we have antibiotic tablets for him, special vitamin food that we're feeding him using a syringe, and special milk. There is a chance he could get better, but we could just be unnecessarily distressing him. (he's not particularly fond of being moved from a hiding spot, then fed) I dunno what we should do..,
  6. Adzy

    So attracted.

    Well. I won't be seeing her til the weekend, so I must wait for now.. But still progress anyway =D I talked to her best friend about it. She.. doesn't feel its her place to say a lot, but there is an agreement that she is truly unique =P Her friend said that guys have asked about her before, and she didn't really want to go through it again, even to me. I think she wants me to ask the girl about it. I'm lost at the moment though. Part of me wants to go for it, but the other part wants me to sit back, see what happens. I don't want to be too pushy or fast - she's just too. innocent kinda thing. I don't want to spoil that =P
  7. Adzy

    So attracted.

    mm. thanks guys. yeh, i knew i didnt wanna freak her out or anything =P I'm just so amazed that anybody could be like her. ill see how this goes. gonna talk to her friend about it =P
  8. He hasn't been eating for 5-6 days now. He is also relatively old, I am guessing about 12. Mum believes the vet said something about the liver is breaking down. I would like to get a second opinion, but he does look like he is very warn down, and he is rather old/somewhat fat, and a second opinion costs more money. The vet said he'd live for two more weeks if we did nothing, but she said we should be doing something. Hmm. i dunno. its hard.
  9. We took my cat to the vet. apparently, after some blood tests, he has some form of problem with his stomach. The vet seemed useless though. But she said we shouldn't do nothing, because he is probably in pain. He seems like hes not well, but im not so sure he and i want him to be put down. i need help. my last cat died of cancer last year, and that was very sad. we had him put down. any comments much appreciated.
  10. Adzy

    So attracted.

    mmm. I dont think mentioning the name matters so much, as its only first, but ive edited regardless. I also think ive made it sound like I'm pretty new to the dating scene.. I'm in year 11, and have had multiple partners. yeh.. i think im going to go for the body language more touch seems to be a great method of attraction also. thanks for the reply
  11. eventually, when you're both closer, the conversation will be so natural you won't know how you ever managed to have nothing to say.
  12. only ever get a phone number from the chick herself. never ever just take it, from anywhere. she has to give it to you.
  13. you look young, but you can work with that. Be authentic. be friendly. most important thing is to be funny - dont take life too seriously. if you simply cannot bring yourself to shorten your hair, let it grow. your hair needs to be more laid back. drinking will help the shyness. its probably bad to mention, but drinking will definently ease those nerves, and maybe give you the ability to express yourself better to chicks, and get to know them. numbers + msn are always good.
  14. I.. just have to express myself. Thank you to everybody who takes the time to read and comment this. I am. extremely attracted to someone. I met her.. bout a year ago. It was at a friends party. We sat in the dark, and she turned to me and said "Hi, I'm *her name.*." She said it with such authenticity. So friendly. And you could just tell that was who she is. We talked slightly, and had a nice night. the thing about her is that shes so. light. as in, her personalitys just so.. almost as if shes slightly drugged, but in a nice way. i dunno. very hard to explain somebody like her. ive never met anybody like her. aaaanyway. didnt talk much after that. but this year ive seen her more and more - only when weve been at the same place at the same time. Party's, events, etc. helps when you have similar friends. shes not an msn person, and doesnt use myspace often, so that limits "casual online talk". sadly. lately, ive been increasingly more attracted to her. everytime i see her she proves that she really is who she is. Amazing. So so so so genuine, but not in the typical way. like, she doesnt try to be genuine. I'll try and explain her, but mind you, no word's can do her justice. Her best friend said something about her last night that went like this: "She's so great, because no matter how unfunny you've felt all day, you can just have a chat to her and feel like you're a real comedian." She appreciates so much. and finds most things people say funny. and she finds them genuinely funny. she loves life. ive never heard her mock anyone, and have seen her being concerned for others. People tend to have protective masks. We often mask ourselves, even though we dont realise it. it's almost a survival instinct. even the most outrageously open people have inner feelings they dont let out. the great thing about her is she doesnt seem to have the mask. Last night, 8 of us went out to dinner, her and i included. Her and i shared a bond. We sung songs together. We did beetle's album cover photos together. we went to safeway, and together looked for icecream and cones. i was sad to see her go, later, after we'd walked back to a friends house. Still, I don't even have her number. everytime she hugs me, i feel like. this weird feeling. as if im hugging the goodness of the world. as if im hugging proof that there are good people. id love to hug her constantly - but i cant. were just friends. should i act upon this? or should i let the relationship develop as friends for now? As much as i'd love to be with her, id hate to lose her friendship.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Does that really work? any bits i could skip out on?
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