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  1. Forget about the dog. It sucks but she's just using him to bait you. I left my girl with our 4 cats. I love those cats but oh well. Breaking up means leaving those things, pets included, behind.
  2. Thanks RayRay. The NC is hurting me but as so many people here would agree, I'm doing it for my own healing. I'm still missing her, missing my old apartment and our 4 cats (yes 4) but I know I won't heal and get better if I break NC. Truth be told, I'm just done and tired trying to figure her out. I spent too much time doing that while i was her. I can't go back to being that kind of wreck. It hurts, is all.
  3. I think I'm the dumper but I'm not sure. I left our apartment due to how she was treating me. In any case, I don't want to hear from her. I'm too hurt and angry and there's nothing I could say that I hadn't already said to her about her behavior. She'd been told for years.
  4. You summed it up pretty well blucastle thanks for that!
  5. I did ignore it. I've in strict NC for a month. I'm not stopping now. She didn't want me around anymore. I'm cant be pining over someone who didn't want me.
  6. We just broke up in late August, but yeah I didn't read into it too much. The "follow" was gone the next day anyway. I guess I was thinking to myself "she wanted me gone. She got why she wanted. What gives?"
  7. I only just got on Instagram after we broke up. I knew she was on there but I thought it dumb to go look for her and block her if she didn't even know I was there.
  8. She followed me, then by the morning unfollowed me. I didn't take it to mean much. Just don't understand why a person who gave me all the hints to leave would want any connection to me. I also understand that's probably not for me to know.
  9. I am not going back. I'm the dumper and she treated me poorly and I won't accept it.
  10. Don't contact him. It hurts not to but it's the only way you can heal. I'm in 5 weeks of strict NC. I'm in pain but I know it's for my good. Contact at this point is only toxic to my healing. I have to get through this. You do too.
  11. Guess I can't see them on a phone. Probably need a PC.
  12. Well, in my own defense, this is the first time i walked out. I've always been in it for the long haul. I guess that's why I'm just wondering if what i am going through is normal. By the way, you can see all my kid posts? I can't or I don't know how. How do do I do that?
  13. I don't know where I am. I'm just confused still but it's only been a month.
  14. I have been about a month since strict NC. I left our apartment and I had my reasons, which I am sticking to. She basically, selfishly pushed me out of our life, so I took the hints and left. Haven't spoken or seen her since. She hasn't reached out either. I guess I'm just at a point where I'm thinking about her, what is she going through, is the same for her as it is for me, is she happy that I'm gone, is she hating me me for leaving? Is she heartbroken too? I know it's all none of my business but ending a 17 year relationship doesn't really end over night, apparently and I'm confused in my own thoughts. I guess it's because I'm the one that left. I'm struggling to reconcile, not my decision but rather emotions on the decision. I'm not about to break NC. I'm not even close to that but I wish I wasn't thinking about her. I'm pretty convinced she's glad I'm gone what with the way she pushed me out but it was my whole life too. I was living there too.
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