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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    What are some ways to build trust and intimacy in a new relationship?

    When starting out in a new relationship, it can be hard to build the trust and intimacy that are essential for its success. It often times feels like you’re constantly working against the odds, and remain unsure of where the relationship is going. But with patience and effort, trust and intimacy can bring an absolute joy to the relationship - closing the gap between two people, one step at a time. A strong bond is founded through genuine communication, so here are eight steps to help you build trust and intimacy in your new relationship.

    The first step is to practice open communication. This means discussing your thoughts, feelings and emotions with each other, even when it’s difficult. Avoid holding back, as even though it may be uncomfortable to put yourself out there, it will ultimately make both of you learn more about each other and develop a deeper level of understanding. Open and honest conversations also serve to reduce the chances of feeling dissatisfied in the long run.

    The second step is to create shared experiences. Experiences create memories, and shared memories are one of the key factors that promote closeness and connection. You could start by doing simple everyday activities together, like taking a walk, cooking a meal, or binge-watching a series. explore the world together and go on trips and adventures that provide lasting and meaningful moments for both of you. Involvement in new activities allows for more opportunities to learn more about each other, deepen your connection, and forge a stronger and trust-based bond.

    The third step is to be thoughtful and appreciate every gesture. A kind gesture does not go unnoticed, no matter how small. Show little acts of appreciation and love, such as sending surprises cards, gifting flowers, making coffee or breakfast, or simply just telling them how much they mean to you. These acts of kindness are deeply appreciated, and they show the commitment and consistency of your feeling towards them-- indicating that you actively care.

    The fourth step is to nurture your relationship with physical touch. Physical touch communicates a sense of comfort, and it builds a connection between two persons. People tend to underestimate the power of physical touch, but a simple tender touch such as a caress or holding hands speaks immensely of your affection, insistence, and trust.

    The fifth step is to give up your negative expectations. Don’t expect them to solve your problems, complete you, or always know the right words to say. They won’t! By building expectations and never meeting them, neither of you will feel valued, and it will end up crushing your relationship. Do away with anticipate attitudes and focus on appreciating what the other person has to offer to the relationship.

    The sixth step is to take responsibility for your actions. It’s okay to make mistakes, but it's essential to stay accountable to prevent hurting the other person and compromising your honesty with them. Apologize for your wrongdoings, as it shows your care and commitment to making things work.

    The seventh step is to plan special dates. Whether it’s a grand setting or something intimate and simple, surprise them with preplanned dates regularly. It might involve unexpected adventures, or quality alone time – both of which add a thrill to your relationship that's necessary for building trust and intimacy.

    The last and most important step is to make sure you’re both passionate about the relationship. It’s essential that you hold a similar vision, and understand the enthusiasm each of you have for the bond. Have meaningful conversations about the bond, make sure your perspectives match, and ensure that you both are investing time and energy into the relationship.

    Trust and intimacy are essential cornerstones of any relationship. Cultivating these two issues requires immense amounts of effort, patience and consistency. Through honest conversations, physical touch and specialized dates, it is possible to foster a soulful bond and to clarify the strength of both parties' commitment to their relationship.

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