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getting over "freezing" when around her..

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I've been reading so many similar stories yet i still cant get over it..


Basically, there's this girl i like (a lot) and recently she has started to show interest by her being first to say hi, smiling and waving from a distance..


(She knows i like her.. - i told her a few months ago but she was seeing sum1 else at the time)


I've tried to talk to her but cannot manage more than a hi back and then i just cant say anything else - though i find the perfect line to say a few seconds after she goes... ( if that make sense..)


we're both a little shy (or maybe just nervous??) around each other, though around other people (of opposite genders) i am perfectly normal and i can see her not really as a shy person..



We havent really talked though i gave her a christmas present last month ( a watch) and she told me the next day it was really nice, thanxx...



afetr that we had a long christmas break and i only say her yesterday and she said hi while walking by.


in this kind of situations, should i ask her out or wait her to do it or just talk a bit to her first..


bcuz we have completely different groups of friends...


hope u guyz can help...


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In a situation like this you can't bet on being safe; myself coming from the extreme end of the spectrum, I've been there many times, played it safe, and subsequently lost a potential girlfriend/date.


If you've given her a present, a watch, then presmably you know her well enough, or are at least comfortable enough around her, to do something like that. So... initiate a casual conversation with her somehow. Or just flat out ask her out.


I know it's easier said than done but if it's something you have to do then just do it

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Practice makes perfect. It might sound sily at first but what you should probably do for now is rehearse what you would say if she talked to you. Try to come up with lines for all the different scenarios. You will discover that with time, this little exercise will help you to respond naturally. Do it infront of the mirror.

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