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  1. I get the same feeling too recently so you are not alone.
  2. As I menzioned in the OP, a strict upbringing and repressive parents can also make children remain in their shells all the way up to adulthood.
  3. Dont you think you're a little young to be thinking that you're gay? Give yourself a chance to discover your sexuality.
  4. Interesting contributions... I donĀ“t know about the astrology aspect Raekai - I have 3 Capricorn friends who are painfully shy. Hackuuna Matata brings out an interesting point: could it be possibly that someone can be perceived as shy yet they are not shy but just enjoy being alone and not talking too much?
  5. Thanks ActionJackson (nice name btw). This forum will help you to improve your relationships. Just stick around and browse all the forums regularly and ask for advice. All the best.
  6. Thanks for the post Jadedstar and all the other contributors. I guess being shy would not be a problem if the shy people were not worried about. Most people (I may be generalizing here) see it as a problem because it interferes with their happiness and they would feel much happier if they could just come out of their shells.
  7. I tend to agree with Batya's reasoning. If a man is not capable of initiating a relationship with a woman then there are likely to be more problems in future. Lots of other things will need to be initiated later on. Will he wait for her to initiate the first kiss etc? Women generally want a man who takes the lead. A man should wait until he is mature enough to ask a woman out before starting dating. However, if a woman asks him out and he is prepared to take the initiative in the from then on I see no reason why the relationship cannot succeed.
  8. Thanks for your contribution Dan. I found this link which you may all find interesting to read which shows that shyness is strongly related to the family setting: link removed Keep the insights coming.
  9. You bring up a very important point GettingBetter. I have noticed that academic prowess can bring popularity and positive reinforcement which instills confidence.
  10. ^I'm glad you're getting over it! Is shyness something that disappears when one hits the thirties? Coz there seems to be very few shy people beyond thirty on this forum.
  11. Thanks for all your insights. Due to the large number of posts confirming this, I have also added this to the original post: (4) parents not having friends (i.e also shy), can unwittingly school their children to be shy. (5) a physically/sexually abusive parent can totally erode a child's confidence and make them shy. I also realised that: -being brutally taunted by kids at school can also lead to withdrawal and shyness -some physical condition/trait can lead to self-consciousness and in an effort not to draw attention to it, one can become withdrawn. Situational shyness: Like the aerobics instructor mentioned above, some people can be shy only in certain situations. This kind of shyness is easy to overcome because you only need to realize what is making you uncormfortable around that particular oerson and deal with that trigger. I have also seen some people who are completely uninhibited when in a crowd but clam up in one-on-one interactions.
  12. Just be friends then. But I'll bet that if she told you that she wasn't attracted to you, then you'd get attracted.
  13. A virgin @65? Maybe you need to share more about your life experiences with us her angieluu. Welcome to ENA.
  14. OK. Very insightful. I've been offline for some time now due to work commitments but keep the experiences coming in. I will respond soon. Welcome to ENA Luca Brasi.
  15. Equinox, take your time to get to know this girl. If she sounds too good to be true, then there is nothing that time will not eventually reveal.
  16. YOU gave up or lost interest? How did the trip go anyway?
  17. Great responses so far. Thanks so much. I hope this forum is helping you all to overcome your shyness. More insight are welcome.
  18. Love knows no colour. Having said that I think people should date other races not to try to prove a point but for the sake of love.
  19. You have a point Squarewheel. I would describe shyness as the symptoms of the various factors that you mentioned.
  20. Well said. Thanks for the goood ideas.
  21. ^Thanks guys for the continued insights. Kholest lets hope your new job helps you out. The more people you interact with, the better you will become at interpreting signals fast. MrCrazy2u it's good to hear that you have managed to break out of the shyness shell. It seems having an absentee father can affect how we interact with others, especially during the early childhood years. Faun, contrary to what you stated- I see a connection with your parents. In my opinion, extroverted parents are almost like absentee parents. They spend more time fixing their social lives than they spend with their kids. If the kids are left out of that social life, they can grow up shy and introverted because they had no-one to teach mirror in social interactions.By the way, your English is quite good Hangin10, as you tacitly agreed, your shyness is rooted in your father's strictness. Excessive strictness in parents usually kills assertiveness in children, with the problem sometimes extending way into adulthood. I'm glad you have found a way to reclaim your assertiveness. Thanks ladies and gentlemen. Keep the insights rolling in!
  22. Try to talk about the everyday goings-on in your life.
  23. YOu could try waiting for him at the bus stop. It might sound stalkerish but at least you'll get the chance to talk to this guy. I think it's worth it.
  24. Also if a guy asks a girl out and he explains that he is 'going through a rough patch' i.e. unemployment, etc then the girl should do the paying even if its a first date. A girl who does that for me is a keeper.
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