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Rediculous Things You/your S.o. Gets Mad About

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When we disagree about something he just closes up and fights dirty, it can be a tiny thing and he'll just leave or get really upset, when I just wanted to talk about it, the fact that he does that turns it into a fight. lol, a fight where we are both like I don't want to fight, this is stupid to fight! We usually just give each other space then and get over it.


He gets upset when I and complain about my day, has nothing to do with him, but he takes it personally. lol... and then he gets rude and upset and I react and well, read the paragraph above.

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The most assinine disagreement I ever had with her was over a tape measure. We don't argue much, but when we do it usually is about something stupid.


I didn't realize there was a diference between a tape measure and a measuring tape. (yea, I was acting my haircolor that day, I know.) And she said "A tape measure is what a carpenter uses and a measuring tape is what a seemstress uses." And I came back with something like "I know that, I'm not a moron!" But I really didn't know that, so I guess when it comes to measuring tools I am a moron, lol.

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Haha, fun thread. I get irritated when he says "you know" approximately 4 times per sentence...or leaves dirty socks anywhere. I have this thing about dirty socks that really bothers me.


He gets annoyed with me for flipping out and taking things too far if we're having an argument. I admit, I get pretty darn defensive. I think my extensive shoe, purse and Bath and Body Works lotion/body spray collections puzzle him, but they only really annoy him when they start to take over the apartment.

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he got mad at me the other day because I had a guy give me a ride home [it was my only option too and he knows it.] And because he was so mad about this, he threw smooshy bananas in my hair at lunch. humiliating.


also, he got mad because i was tired and didn't feel like giving him oral. he got POd and threw my remote [it broke] and left my house. THATS rediculous.

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What are the most rediculous things that your S.O gets mad about?


He gets mad when I come home from work and drop pile of stuff on the kitchen table like my handbag, briefcase, and lunch bag, keys....



What are the most rediculous things that you get mad about?


I get mad when he tries to use a toothpick in a restaurant, and when he untucks the sheets from the bottom of "his" side of the bed and makes the matress cover come off. I can't sleep in a messy bed! ](*,)

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I used to get the rage when my ex insisted on saying that you "itch an itch".


You cannot "itch an itch"....you can scratch the itch away but there is no such thing as itching an itch. God, that drives me mad.


I think I've said that before.


I also get in trouble when I call the 'remote control' a 'clicker'

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True, true, and it's....fun.


HAHA. Most of our 'arguments' are philosophical and political disagreements. Ahh, that's fun. But seriously, he ticks me off when he has a favourite song and sings it OVER and OVER and whistles it..


I tick him off when I eat something really good for the first time and deem it my favourite food in the world. Which is pretty much everything.

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I tick him off when I eat something really good for the first time and deem it my favourite food in the world. Which is pretty much everything.



ha ha ha ha i do this too!! but i also say "This is my favourite film ever!" and he says "how many favourites have you got!! you say that about everything!!" and he gets really mad at me! ha ha haha


I get mad at him for saying "oh I didnt have anything to do tonight after work so while you are at college i went to the casino and played some cards then watched some sport.." and when we arrive home there is a basket full of dirty laundry and a sink full of dirty pots that he could have washed and cleaned whilst i was busy in college after working all day!! grrrrr

oh and then whilst i am doing all the cleaning and getting mad because its 9.30pm and im tired, he sits with his feet up drinking beer shouting "Calm down darling you get too stressed. sit down, relax!"


I end up biting his head off shouting "If i relax we live in a slum, with dirty clothes, and dirty pots!"

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