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  1. I apreciate any help that I get. I am weak in the sense that I care about others too much and try to befriend everyone. But I do not rely on everyone else to do things for me. I was bullied BECAUSE I have an OPPINION. That is diffirent to everyone else. I like more cultured music, I like more political thinking but they are just into sex and drugs as they have clearly shown me. They gather round in groups and deside which person they can put down next to make themself feel better. It didn't matter who I was. They were unhappy with themselves. They sicken me. My husband told me he thinks I get bullied because I am a caring person and people feed off me and wear me down. I am honest with my oppinion and people hate that. I don't have the money to take it further and I have lack of proof. Who is going to believe me in a court of law? Tears will get you nowhere, with out solid proof you can't do anything. But thank you for letting me know about that. If I ever speak to my boss again I'll let her know that she was breaching my rights maybe she'll second think on who she lets get away with things. Thanks everyone for your advice. I guess what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. My family were supportive about it as they knew I'd been having problems for a long time there. ~S.
  2. My doctor insisted that I leave my job and said that anyone would react to something that hurt them if they had been though the same. He said he thinks that the negative environment which I am in at work is the reason why I fall ill a lot and am being sick for no reason. Although I don't have to follow his advise I did because I've been vomiting because of work pressure and extreemly stressed from everything else. I can't believe such horrible little girls exisited. I know it's over now but it hurts so much that people could be so cruel. I didn't do anything to them. To tell you the honest truth I was scared to go into work incase something else happened, I'd just had enough. They put me under this situation because they alowed this to go on for 3 months!!! I feel like I needed to vent more then anything but it really was driving me mad. ~S.
  3. I'm being bullied at work by the 2 other girls that work there. I have been trying to hand in my notice for 2 months but my previous manager wouldn't take it. My new manager has taken it. But today was aweful. One of the girls who has been bullying me bellittled me infront of customers. The secrity lady spoke down to me like I was a piece of dirt and I made a comment about her. There was a 'customer' who happened to be the mother of a girl who bullied me all though my entire school life. So I made a coment about there being a god in the back room. One of the girls tells me I need to put makeup on and do my hair and dress up nice when I thought I did do my hair but I can't wear makeup because I have allergies which I told her and she still goes on. The other girl bosses me arround and makes me look stupid infront of the coustomers. My manager does NOTHING about it. So I filed a complaint to head office about this even though I quit because I'm not going down so easily. I feel aweful why does everyone treat me like I'm inferior and think it's ok to do that? Why do they put me down so much? I'm so unhappy... ~S.
  4. I agree that binge eating is something thats emotional, something that you do as a way of venting your stresses and sadness. I've gone though alot too and thats why I do it too. Hugs to you for realizing! I know it is so hard when you have so much going on and you just eat as a comfort. I used to smoke my problems away but since I quit it's food. I guess we have to quit our food habbits. If you ever want to just chat about it I'm here and I'll listen and only a pm away. I wish you the best of luck and hope that things progress positivly. Take care, ~S.
  5. I really want a gym buddy. I know I need to cut down on all the candy I'm eating it's just hard because I've been feeling so emotionally down and like something is missing. My husband is back off to the USA at the end of april as his visa is up. Then we start the visa process for me which can take a year and a half (worst case senario?). I also just had a miscarriage. Which is why I let myself go. I am going to talk to my nan to see if she will go to the all female gym we have right near me. Because I'm worried about going back as I know a lot of the people since I was a kid (most of them have kids that were in my grade at school). I'm also worried that I won't fit back into my wedding dress ;_; I only got married in october and I was a size 14 then!
  6. Summer 2006 there was me gym adicict 150 lbs heathy skinny as anything. Now here I am after I got married I just diddn't bother with the gym because I have a full scedual. But I'm looking at ways to make time. I have now come to the conclusion I have a SEVERE weight problem. Back in august only 6 months ago I was 150 now I am 210. I am so embaressed about my weight gain. I have been confort eating because of a misscariage. It just seems to keep getting worse and worse. at Christmas I was a size 16 now I'm a size 20. But what do I do? I want to get back to the gym but I'm scared of going on my own as everyone else that is there is so skinny and I feel like a fat pig... I also have no friends in the area as all my friends moved away ie. USA, up north etc. Any ideas? Thanks, ~S. Edit: 5ft 7ins
  7. I'm not in debt as my father left me that money when he died. However it's nearly all gone now. It was ment to get a house. But when I brought myself a laptop so I had something left before it had all gone they went mad at me. I'm fed up and I can't move out as I can't aford my own place and have no where else to go...
  8. Senario my brother who lies, steels and treats me like crap. He steels from me lies about it and treats my grandparents the same. He is 19 years old and living with my grandparents and I (my husband also) making this a house of 5. My brother steels my husbands computer games to get money so he can go out. My nan has saved me and my brother some money but he is not to get his until next year. My brother owes her £2000 ($4000) I am to get £1000 soon and she asked me to give half of it to her and he will pay me back next year. But the whole reason why she asked me to do this is so that she can buy him a bike part for the motorbike that got him in debt. He is constantly asking for money from her and she is always asking me for money leaving me now £10,000 down from the past year. AND they are asking me for more! I know my brother has no intention of paying me any money back. He owes me money already that he has not given to me. I told her until she helps herself I can not help her. My whole family thinks she's a mug by keep letting my brother get away with it and I can't help her when it's going to leave me at such a loss. She has guilt triped me over it emensly. I feel aweful but feel as if I should stick by my desision that if she won't tell him no and keeps giving him money when he has no job and should be helping out instead of draining my resources that I will not help her. I feel aweful and need to know if I did the right thing, Thanks. ~S.
  9. I'm really unsure since I'm steel Greifing if I should start thinking about the possibility of another baby. I do want one but I'm not sure how I'd react to a second one after having a misscarrage. If anyone could give me some advice I'd apreciate it. Thanks, ~S.
  10. I gave my husband my phone number right of the bat when I first met him online. Our relationship started as a cyber one too. I never really thought anything of it as I'd known him for 4 years prior but I guess if you haven't known him for that long it might send up flag signals. But my phone number is also ex directory so I didn't have any problem like that. We were both in diffirent contrys too. GL, ~S.
  11. 200mg ibeprofine 2 tablets userally works for me. Lots of sleep too. If you keep getting problems see your GP.
  12. hmm in your situation it's diffirent. Userally in divorces it's split 50/50 or if you have the kids she would be asked to live else where until the children are of age and then the house sold when the kids leave home. However because she took drugs and from what I can guess this is why she left then the judge might go more in your favor. Good luck, ~S.
  13. I feel like I've been forced into a corner because of the media. I do not dress like most people I know and at one time I could walk out of my frount door with a pair of half cut jeans a pair of tights that were brightly coloured and an army shirt feeling perfectly confortable. I do that now some kid walks down the road I get called tramp or greebo... I guess kids haven't seen punk before *laughs* I feel toned down, I miss those pants I used to wear with huge patches of paint on them and people constantly bug me about what I wear, since when is it any of their busniss. At least I don't act like everyone else. It's all about personality!!!! What happened to the next generation (well in England) they all turned into a load of drug taking alcholic, prostitutes. I'm sorry but this is always happening where I live and I live in a well off area!!! What the hell is going on with society. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it's just some people are too shallow to see that persons beauty. Everyone's perseption of beauty is diffirent. No one is the same and everyone is intitled to their own oppinion. You pointed out something that really bugs me
  14. I was between 5 and 7 weeks they didn't quite know.. I feel kinda lost after everything that happened. I just wish it could have turned out diffirently..
  15. I would find it difficult too and if this was my husband I would want to give another go with him because I love him so much. If you feel a deep connection with this girl then I think you should try because other wise you will forever be saying what if. If you feel she will just hurt you again then say no. GL, ~S.
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