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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. Couldn't agree with you less. One word, statistics.
  2. This guy sounds like a totally close-minded putz, as well as a total waste of your time. Obviously he loved you enough to be with you for three years, yet he chose to call it all off because of your differences in religious backgrounds. Shameful and pathetic if you ask me. I'm so sorry hon.
  3. How there's always something stuck in your teeth. I like this line, yet am still puzzled as to the actual meaning of this poem. I like your use of words here, they're smart and descriptive but perhaps you could be a bit more clear about what exactly it is you are describing.
  4. Correction: People suck, and aren't "fair" at all. Such is life CG...such is life.
  5. I love myself, and think that I am an exceptional person. Wow, sitting here reflecting, I'm flooded with a cornucopia of memories and emotions. I'm both happy and amazed that I exist. Truly, I am a beautiful person...albeit a bit zany at times.
  6. If I saw a man reading at a night club, I'd think he was a few sandwhiches short of a picnic. A man reading at a casual pub or quiet bar is acceptable, but a man "reading" at a night club of all places, is just plain ludicrous. So yeah, I don't think it'd be a good idea.
  7. I'm a fun flirt...whatever that means. I flirt more with women than I do with men.
  8. I'm pretty "normal" in my position preferences. I love being on top, getting it from behind and missionary. Yup, pretty standard. I love sex, it can be a zesty/fulfilling experience.
  9. I have my theories... Perhaps all men secretly or subconsciously want to be dominated, it kinda makes sense.
  10. Oy, where to begin. First and foremost, the differing effects of sex hormones on both men and women have been widely studied and documented. I've provided two wiki links below that may or may not change your opinion on the "honesty" of the article's claims. link removed link removed
  11. Well "screw it", I like the change. You seem smarter, happier and more open, (and did I mention hot?)
  12. Yeah, you're right. "God" loves us more than our family, lovers and friends do. I love God and God loves me, so nothing else matters but this love. In fact, I'll even sacrifice my son for God, cause if God says so, and my love for Him is supreme...then I guess bye-bye son. Scary stuff man.
  13. That may be the question, but the issue is whether or not he's actually considering to become a priest. If that's the case, that poses a major conflict of interest between him and his girlfriend.
  14. Dude, this guy is honestly thinking about going celibate...for life. I do not think that it is immature for her to be hurt and perplexed by this.
  15. I'm pleasantly in love, and my feelings are... shock-horror, reciprocated! He makes me smile, I mean really smile. I'm not gonna lie, it's nice.
  16. If you hone your conversational skills, by default you'll be able to process more information by way of the ear. When I took logic, I would speak up in class and engage myself in the lecture. That would always prove to be an effective way for me to better retain the information (that, and reading the text book of course).
  17. Perhaps you're more of a visual processor, than an auditory one. I know that I am. When dealing with dense materials, I always prefer to digest it visually than aurally.
  18. If I were with a man who told me he was thinking about becoming a Catholic priest, I too would feel incredibly hurt and betrayed. That wouldn't sit well with me at all.
  19. Your entire post touched me, but these lines in particular made my heart swell. If there is any justice in this world, hopefully you'll get this girl. If only she could somehow read what you have written, God she'd be hooked.
  20. That sounds like a perfect description, thanks Dr. DYT.
  21. No freakin' way!!! Wilhelm is Kevin T? But Wilhelm enjoys reading, and Kevin T does not. They are both INFPs though, but Wilhelm is so nice and Kevin T has a major chip on his shoulder... I'm confused.
  22. Good people engaging in bad habits, I'll tolerate, (bad habits as in smoking or biting one's nails, not stealing or cheating, duh). It's the bad people who engage in good habits that really get my goat, tricky monkeys. (These are the pathological types who look perfect on paper, but have major boneyards in their closets, cree-py).
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