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  1. Hi all. I'm currently drinking nutrition shakes to build more body mass, so I've been lifting weights and that seems to be working fine. I also drink meal replacement drinks (but not actually replacing meals, just ON TOP of them) and I don't know if I should drink it before or after the gym. Or maybe both? Could anyone give some advice? Thanks?
  2. Definitely neck and ear, I love nibbling, kissing and licking on my shoulders...fingers, licking toes drives me insane, around breasts and nipples, inner thighs...
  3. I know my boyfriend loves hot tongue on his ear and neck, waist,
  4. Yeah, I recently just applied to an online internship that needed a cover letter, and I just put the cover letter in the email and attached my resume. It seems perfectly fine and acceptable to me, as long as its neat, no errors or frustrating.
  5. Stripped - Rammstein Justify my Love - Madonna Liquid Man - Theatre of Tragedy Deep - Nine Inch Nails Hydroelectric - MDFMK
  6. Hmm, I would think that your friends are a little close-minded, like other people said, and maybe they haven't been exposed to much. I don't have sex on my period because my boyfriend thinks it's gross. So do I to a certain extent, but if I really want sex, I could care less. Also, I don't let my boyfriend orgasm in my mouth because 1) I'm not sure how it'll taste and 2) there's something about it that seems a little...scandalous, lol. BUT that's just for me. I don't look down on other girls who do it and sometime I wish I could, but I can't! It awesome that other people can be so sexually open and limitless.
  7. As a university student EVERYONE around me has Facebook except me. I don't know. I've never been one to be involved with those online journals/showcase of yourself. It's cool that other people are, but for some reason I've never been up to it. I've always asked myself, Why is it so important that I need to show off myself? It's a great way to meet new people but it doesn't feel natural for me... I think that's just me. It's just scary to feel that anyone can look at my profile and know stuff about me...
  8. Very true. This happens to me and I guess this is the reason. It gets too intense that I just can't handle it.
  9. Nah, he won't kiss me because his privates were just in my mouth, and I actually do understand. He'd be tasting his own pre-cum or whatever. He has noooo problemo kissing me passionately when I gargle with mouth wash though. But like I said, he just wants to know if other guys do it so it doesn't single him out as weird.
  10. Yeah, I would absolutely never break up with him for something as petty as this. I do not pressure him, I respect his wishes to do so but I know that there are some homophobic factors contributing to the way he feels as zerohalo said. He also said he would need a couple of guys' other opinions so he didn't feel weird or anything which is why I'm posting up this thread. arwen, I think your idea is very very good. I will definitely try that one out ASAP. Also I have used mouth wash and he's cool with kissing me afterwards. But when you're in the moment it's sort of a downer to run to the sink and gargle because it's disrupting. Like I said, I just want other guys' opinions so I could either comfort him or be cool with it.
  11. It doesn't really "hurt" my feelings because I know he enjoys kissing me and he pleasures me in lots of other ways than just making out. He just figures because his thing-a-ma-jig was just in there, he would feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to know what other guys do in this situation.
  12. Hey. After I give my boyfriend oral sex, he doesn't like to kiss afterwards which is pretty understandable. But it gets annoying when we're trying to be intimate afterwards and we can't kiss! I don't think it's that bad for him to kiss me afterwards and he doesn't orgasm in my mouth. I have absolutely no problem with kissing him after he performs on me. So, what do you guys think? Is it ok, or not?
  13. That's what I feel zerohalo. I want the meds to be the absolute last resort!
  14. Thank you very much. I'll keep you updated if I do decide to take the Zoloft.
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