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List of things you want to do before you die?

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I was seeing a counselor after my last big breakup. My fiancée had called our wedding off four days before our wedding day. That was back in 1997. Anyway, my counselor helped me work through the grief, and one of the exercises she had me do was put together a list of 100 things I had to do before I died. At the time I was so in shock that the best I could do was come up with about ten ideas. It got me thinking about future goals and ideas on what I should do to help myself get over the breakup.


My current situation calls for just such a list. I wish I had kept the old one around, because it had some good ideas and I've crossed a lot of them off so it would be neat to see how far I came since then.


I thought it would be cool to see if any of you had a similar list or had ideas of what you want to do before you die.


Here's what I could some up with (by no means a complete list):

- learn another language

- work in a foreign country

- teach something useful to someone

- go Skydiving

- go white water rafting

- travel to Amsterdam

- travel to Antarctica

- travel to Australia

- travel to Thailand

- travel to Greenland/Iceland

- travel to Alaska (cruise!!)

- travel to Tibet and Nepal (when the civil war is over)

- travel to Machu Picchu

- travel to Egypt

- learn how to play guitar

- move to a warmer climate

- work for myself

- learn how to paint or sketch

- swim with Dolphins and giant turtles (I know... don't even say it)

- go camping in the mountains for a few weeks

- fall in love again

- learn carpentry

- purchase a condo

- find peace within myself

- run in a full length marathon

- compete in an MMA event

- get really fit and strong

- get my pilot's license

- climb a mountain

- complete a graduate degree

- get my PMP designation

- ?

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1. Invent time machine.

2. Go back to 2002 and slap myself.

3. Find a use for my degree other than just covering one square foot on my wall.

4. Buy another motorcycle.

5. Become good friends with my little brother.

6. Travel overseas.

7. Write a book.

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1 lifetime goals/objectives

2 bestseller (currently writing a book)

3 research in Library of Congress

4 pay off mortgage

5 take mom on her Dream Vacation

6 attend storytellers conf. in Tenn.

7 get to Brazil to see New Year on the beach

8 recover McArthur Park recipes (I didn't think I'd see those recipes again)

9 forgive myself

10 regain all monies lost in stock trading

11 return confidently to stock trading

12 trade well enough to cash out

13 live sustainably wiith lifetime annuity

14 turn military budgets (police, prisons, weapons, war dept) into playgrounds, clinics, festivals

15 replace fear with love in national pysche

16 write block buster screenplay (one drafted/on shelf)

17 find more ways to share mutual support

18 love better

19 forgive faster

20 world travel

21 strengthen relationship with family

22 declutter with confidence

23 preserve what I cherish

24 get my mojo back fergood and never let it go again

25 get to my set-free amount As soon as possible


My set-free amount is my balance on the mortage and the total annuity I need to draw down for the rest of my life.



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This is funny that you asked this. In my senior year of High School my class was given 10 minutes to make a list of everything we wanted to do before we died. After only 3 minutes i was the only one left writing, and by the end of the 10 minutes i had 154 things on my list, and i could have added more.


So to answer this; there are to many to list! Here are my top ten though!


1) Find TRUE love, that will last forever

2) Climb to the highest point on all 7 continents (The 7 summits)

3) River raft the Grand Canyon

4) Ski in the ALPS

5) Climb all 8000 m peaks

6) Study in Switzerland

7) Rock Climb El Capitan

8) Rock Climb Half Dome

9) Backpack from Mexico to Canada

10) Apprentice with Bryan Newbert (A great horseman)

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All I can think of right now are three things:


- Shag a pale, blonde, long haired, tall skinny dude from Germany, or Sweden or Russia.

- Buy myself a pair of Jimmy Choo's, Manolo Blahnik's or such

- Visit New York at XMas



BTW, I can help out with 2 of your purposes: learning another language and learn how to paint/sketch



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watch my son grow up to be successful, happy, and well-adjusted

celebrate my 60th wedding anniversary

achieve and maintain a healthy weight

become successful in real estate investment and property management

move back to New Orleans

write an article that makes the front page of any newspaper

take a 4-month tour of France

take another 4 months in Italy... then repeat achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

visit the United Kingdom

visit the Holy Land

take a cruise

visit Alaska

see a ghost and NOT have to make a trip to the loony bin

get over my crippling phobia of bugs so I can go camping

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Another moto ride to Alaska

I want to meet a mountain lion in the area I backpack. So far only tracks/scat.

I want to wander North America in a tiny econocar with a backpack.

Walkabout in rural Britain.

read a few good books

find a job

See a lady I know

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