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Guys- Have you been naughty or nice this year??

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What could I get a naughty naughty boy for christmas?? What is the ideal Christmas gift for a guy???

I'm guessing no socks, no ties, no sweaters, so what can a guy really be happy with?


Guys, help this girl who is in desperate need of ideas.


Thank you!\\




P.S I think I posted in the wrong category lol

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For a guy in his early 20's (in addition to steamy hot sex), get him something that is tailored to him and his likings. Perhaps two tickets to a his favorite sports team game (tell him to take a buddy, not you). Think of something he has told you before or mentioned while you two were out somewhere. Something that tells him you're listening to what he has to say and you remember what he likes.

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Well, I am having the same problem right now - sice my bf's birthday is soon.

So, my idea is:

I have a very short mini red dress at home and white tongs, red lipstick and high heels shoes too.

I bought white stay up stockings and santa clause hat and I am going to make by myself small white apron.

So aparently I will be dressed in that.

Sex included into package


I bought for him gel from Lush, book with sex positions, and a bunch of different condoms and chocolate bars. I will put all that in a stocking (the one that is for Christmas - red one - don't know how you call it)

Also I plan to make a cake for him and to order some food from the restaurant (pasta).


i think it will make him happy.


Now this is just an idea - maybe it gives you another one too.

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I think I might be dressing up like a naughty little elf or misses claus. I know every guy loves when their girl dresses up in something very provocative.


Yes, ABSOLUTELY YES, provided the right mood is set. Although a guy in his twenties is likely to always be in the mood, unless you live together.

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Lilu, I am a big fan of two things: a man getting lingerie for a woman; and a woman wearing it for a man. This is not the first time I have commented as such. Know I did so this recently. If a man gets you something sexy, he tells you he wants you. Good message to get right? If you were something sexy, you tell him you want him. Enough said.


How to do it:

1. There needs to be some intersection between what she will and wants to wear and what he sees her in. A man can think something is too tame to be sexy or too risque, so you want to find the safe type. A woman can feel too trashy in something, so a man should buy things in a safe type.


Example, a teddy that is see-through and which has cutouts where the cups for her breats are supposed to be may be too out there for her or him. It may or may not. You in a leather catsuit carrying a whip may freak him out in a good way or make him run for the hills. If you or he wants any of these things, that's up to you as far as I am concerned. But unless you know, don't freak him out. Generally, I know of no man who would be freaked out by anything in a Victoria's Secret catalog, but I am sure there are some. But, I also bet their women would not dress up in this way. And ex of mine used to shop at VS and tell me she got things for "us" and wht she got was two piece one being like shorts, the other being a pull over with no buttons, and both being both flannel and covered in flowers. It did nothing for me. However, I was younger, there was not internet to deliver packages discreetly, and I just did not know how to pull it off. One of my posts has a link today to fredericks, and shows satin pajamas. If you want to turn him on for a hot night, that is about the tamest I would go. If I wanted surefire cannot miss, bodystocking. Everyman I have ever heard comment on one thinks they are just hot. I wish I knew how to buy the woman with flannel lingerie. I learned, with at least one misfire. I bought a teddy once that was a bit too risque.

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Wow beec, looks like that dressing up idea sounded good for ya, so maybe my boyfriend would say 'ABSOLUTeLY' aswell


(Blushing Lilu)


Listen to this man, Lilu! He practically saved my marriage! And I did just that as he advised...needless to say, I almost thought I was pegnant for a while there!

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Listen to this man, Lilu! He practically saved my marriage! And I did just that as he advised...needless to say, I almost thought I was pegnant for a while there!


Thanks, but I disagree. You saved everything that needed saving. If I recall the thread, I was not the only one who told you to put your energy into your marriage. If I did anythign unique, it was a simple suggestion on about one way in which you could do it. And I don't think it needed saving, because if I recall you stated in the first post of that your thread that your husband was your priority. So long as you thought that, nothing needed saving.


On the other hand, I will confess to having suggested a way in which someone could thrill her man. When the heart is in the right place, it's easy to focus the thoughts in the mind. When the mind and heart work together, it's easy to channel the energy.

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I will listen to beec, luvursmile. He's got some good ideas. I will try what- IF beec that's a guy, likes the idea of the whole dressing up, then I will defe. try it. Hey beec, i wonder what you're getting for christmas...hope you've been nice


I was also thinking a trip for two, to a very cozy place. No idea where, but it could only be the weekend, since I really can't take too many days off. How's that sound....OH and a special dinner. Something he REALLY LOVES but doesnt eat it much.

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Humm.....naughty boy!!!! Well, my boyfriend has been really 'naughty' too. So, he deserves a spanking, er, I mean, he deserves what he's going to get. Oh yea- my boyfriend doesnt wear a watch, i think im going to get him that aslwell.

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