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  1. Hello Everyone! Do any of you know a good site that explains what rights a part-time employee have in general? My dilema is that because the company I work for is merging, I might be let go, so I need to know if I have rights when it comes to collecting unemployment etc. I did speak with the HR department and all they said is that they don't deal with that kind of situation because I am a part-timer, also, I need to find out myself wether or not unemployment applies to me. Well, since I am a bit clueless about what's going on, and no help is being offered at work, I wouldn't mind good advice from this forum. All advice and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Lilu
  2. Hi! Oh my gosh, this is going to sound a bit silly but I had times that I have asked myself that same question. About feeling the need of spending time with your love ones, and the relationship feeling that's wearing out so soon, and the job feeling like a routine (which for most of us is just that). I have posted a couple of times about how useless I have been feeling at work, and how panicky I get when I feel lonely when I am not. About my job- I work as a marketing assistant @ a company that's merging etc. So I'm going to start looking for another soon. I've been feeling useless @ that job for a long period of time and it hasn't been long since I started it (9 months). I'm not really making a lot of progress relating my graphic design skills . I'm trying to deal with that. About my family- My mum and dad are right at the verge of a divorce. It's hard seeing parents go through arguments for silly things, when the end product is going to be their own separate lives. So, I don't k now how things are going to turn out with mum. I know dad can manage, but mum will need a bit of help from me- Kind of scary for me. They're both better off going their separe way...because no-matter, I will always love them and help them as much as I can. About my relationship- Boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. I know, its fresh, but for 7 months....we have gone through a lot together. It feels that that has help us realize that we can be good for each other. So, so far things look bright, and we will give it our best to stick together as a couple and as best friends. Stress can cause panic. The thought of not doing what we were suppost to do in life, can be confusing. What's the point? Well, make sure you do aN *inventory of what makes you happy in life. What makes you smile, what makes you feel all tingly inside. Think about how great is having someone to love, no-matter if it wasnt as passionate as the first month. That could come back you know, that passion and cozyness. Life isn't perfect. We cannot please everyone all the time. I know that for sure. You mentioned you're 29? So young. I'm 24. We are a bunch of young girls that are itching to do more in life. But remember, just because we never won an oscar, or contributed those organization of poor children with $ 1million, or because we never hicked mount everest, doesn't mean that our purpose in life has been dimished to zero. We are what we are doing at the moment. We are all different and have different dreams, or different ideas on how to live life. Jeez, i know i am making sense to myself, but I sure hope i made sense to you. Heheh I could go on and on with this. Good luck with everything, girl! Lilu
  3. Hello everyone- Happy New Year! Thanks to both of you for posting- I was hoping for more opinions but your coments are appreciated. Lilu
  4. Hi. Well, to be honest, I have checked an ex boyfriend's email account a few times to find out what email he gets just out of curiosity....which I found emails from a few other girls he had chated previous to our relationhip. I never told him. But thats pretty much it. I do get jealous, and sometimes can make it very obvious, but I believe everyone deserves their privacy, including me, so I haven't done that and am not planning to do that again, even if I have suspicion of cheating because the way I see it, I will found out sooner or later- Men can't lie in a convincing manner hehe.
  5. Well, I can't say yes or no. See, I was heart broken when my husband, now ex, told me he didn't love me anymore. So as soon as (he) we broke it off, I went through a despressing time, riping every pic we had of us together, puting everything that belonged to him in a box, because not seeing his stuff, made me feel a bit better etc. So what I mean is, if giving her stuff back, is a step forward to the better, then no, you didnt do wrong, kid. Cheer up please.
  6. Hi there! I hope this doesn't sound silly, but most of us have been there. You really don't go into detail about how you have let her down, previously to the breakup, but it seems that you and her wanted to give your relationship another chance. You sound heartbroken, and in a desperate mode of wanting to start over again. This is my sole opinion, so by any means, don't rely on just one advice. Perhaps it would be helpful if you guys spend it apart for a bit. I know, its painful having to do that when you and her share so much time together because of the band. I wont lie, it is hard to bear apart of the one you care about. But you got to do this for you. If you keep thinking she is the only one, or she is the only thing that can make you happy, you know its not true. Who knows what the future holds, but for now, you gotta snap out of it, and try at least, to live your life without her. Give her space, let her do her thing, and you try to do yours. I hope I have made some sense. And please keep your chin up. Better things will come with time. Take care and keep us posted. Hugs, Lilu
  7. Hiya cc2006! I also have difficulty saying ''thanks'' when I receive a compliment. I usually end up saying...''I'm not!''. I guess because it feels at times that I am being told that just to make me either feel better or I don't know. My boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful all the time, and just recently I have been able to look straight in his eyes, and thank him for that. He is the one who has made me feel more confortable appreciating out loud other people's nice comments. Also, I believe that if you're being sincere about not being able to compliment anyone about anything, because its not your nature, it should be understandable, but at the same time, you gotta remember that humans, most humans, well girls, not all but some, need to be told how pretty, cute, glowy she looks, or how nice she smells, or how helpful she's been, etc. Compliment is essential to a relationship, actually any kind of relationship. And yes, it seems hard for you to just blur it out, because you were never surrounded by nice words. But everyone is capable of at least trying their hardest to say one nice thing about the other. Don't think you are in any way or form, a terrible person, but make sure you at least try to do this....for a future relationship, and maybe you can start by complimenting yourself. Good luck, Lilu
  8. Hiya! Maybe you should try americansingles. It was successful for me Let me know how it goes! Good luck, Lilu P.S. Nice picture.
  9. I would do that academic bankruptcy, but the thing is I already graduated from another private college with a Associates degree. Would it wipe out even my other credits from where I graduated from? This really is getting me very upset...knowing that because I wasn't mentally fit to keep on with classes for now, will harm my OTHER credits. I mean, I did well at the other college. Does that help at all??
  10. So, what would happen if I take the classes again later on next fall, and get good grades. I started school this fall with a 3.65 GPA. What happens now? And what happens if I retake the classes, pass, etc.??? I understand taking the classes again is the best idea. But I guess that all depends if this other school makes a big deal about it or not. If anyone knows how the School of visual arts in nyc, admissions work, share the light, please. Anywho, I am kicking myself for not being able to continue, but for those who read my last desperate post, somehow it was worth worrying about school so far. MORE advice is greatly appreciated.
  11. Yeah, that sounds great! Good idea!!! though, so far, every idea sounds good to me.
  12. Humm.....naughty boy!!!! Well, my boyfriend has been really 'naughty' too. So, he deserves a spanking, er, I mean, he deserves what he's going to get. Oh yea- my boyfriend doesnt wear a watch, i think im going to get him that aslwell.
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