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How to get her to last longer???

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My girlfriend and I are both virgins. Were 20 and have recently discovered oral sex. I love eating here out! However I have a few questions and it seems like this is the best forum to ask. Whenever I do it for her, she stops me before she gets a chance to orgasm. Typically we go slowly, I gently work my way up and down her labia and up to her clit, then slowly move back and forth to her inner thighs and back accross the other side, teasing her spot very lightly with the tip of my tongue with each pass. She is very pleased with my teasing technique and after a few moments of this treatment; she practically forces my face into her vagina. It's at this point I focus mostly on her clit. I vary technique but it remains somewhat rhythmic. She has told me before that she likes me to apply light pressure while I fully explore her citreous with my tongue. This motion lasts for a few moments then her body langue will indicate she is done. I have asked her before why she becomes desensitized to what I am doing and she says the pleasure continually grows with every motion I make, then out of no where the please dissipates, and that it does not hurt but it begins to feel almost ticklish. Do you guys have any advice on how I can get her to last longer? It always feels like she is on the verge of orgasm and then it drifts away. Of course it's not a big deal, and were both happy with each other and what we do, I am just looking for some helpful advice to make things last a little longer. Thanks!

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Sometimes a woman experiences that, but if she continues, the pleasure comes back again. The sensations stop for a bit, and they make the mistake of giving up. Have you guys tried continueing or is she too ticklish? (That might indicate that she is still sensitive - I find I get "ticklish" but if I continue, I feel an orgasm)

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Since this is all new for ya'll, maybe she is still in the process of learning how to come from oral sex. Hopefully I can explain this right-- if she's used to having an orgasm through masturbation or from you playing with her she kinda has to learn to work it a new way. The sensation of a tongue is much different and can be much more intense than that of fingers. Sometimes the sensation can be almost too much and feel a bit overwhelming.


Just keep experimenting and over time things will start to happen right.

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