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haven't posted for a while. just want to let you guys know about my situation. thanks for the advice u guys gave. i should have listened.


my ex bf is just ignoring my calls and not replying to my texts and emails. Just can't believe it after all. why contact me and ignore me?


i was so stupid. now i feel more hurt and just don't know what to do? i lost 4 kgs in a week from this. and it makes me scared to go out and date again.

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Start "no contact" right now, let go, and move on, each day you will get stronger... He's history, and your future is ahead of you, so try to stop looking backwards, look ahead.. and start no contact, let go.. you are hanging on to something you don't have in the first place, I know it hurts, but sometimes in life we just have to be sad for awhile, it'll be okay, you will soon be over him, for today, just take care of YOU.

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Going though the same thing, most of us are ( in here ). Everyone is right, please try NC. I know its hard, boy do I know. I have been in NC for 2 weeks now ( 10 days ) Its hard as hell. Sometimes you just want to sooo bad, but hold back.


Beacuse what you expect to hear, is not going to happen. I am fortunate ( i guess ) that she has not tried to call me, which hurts like hell that she doesnt care, but in the end, Im sure it works better that way.


Like I said, Its been 10 days since i last spoke with her, and after that day, I told my self I would not call her. So far, so good. Make short term goals, and stick to it.


You really dont miss that person, what you miss is something that wasnt really there to begin with, you miss the person he was.


I know its hard, it will be, it might even get harder before it gets better ( which is my case ) but the longer you hold back, the stronger you become and the better off you will be! Fight the urge!


I know in my case, its not that person I miss.. I just miss what I thought I had. There are so many people out there that deserve your love and energy!


Its not this guy. The guy your looking for is still out there - He is. When you find him, you will look back at this and giggle.




He really doesnt deserve you, and all you have to offer!



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Hang in there and keep posting here. The more I write about the things my ex has done to me, the better I feel. I too struggle with being ignored after so much. I went from having an engagement ring on my finger and a wedding dress in my closet, to being completely ignored. I even sent him an e-mail about something completely unrelated to us, but important to him and nothing! I'm doing NC now and it is very hard. I know he won't contact me himself, and that almost makes it worse. But, as others say, NC is for us not them. It is to help us heal and realize that those that will ignore us after they have claimed to love us are not worth our time. I still love my ex madly and pray everyday for him to come back, but with each day that that prayer goes unanswered I realize it might be for the best.

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