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I'm 37 weeks!

Ians Mommy

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Thank you everyone!


CONGRATULATIONS HON! Wow really soon then? Do you have everything you need?


Yep, we have just about everything. My family and friend's threw me a surpise baby shower last weekend and we were given pretty much everything we didn't already have.


I'm shocked. No doubles of anything! I couldn't believe it. It wasn't a surprise though My 4 year old niece gave them up. It was cute though because she was all upset that she gave it away so I promised her I wouldn't tell them I knew and I'd act surprised.


I'm getting more and more excited and can't sleep much lately. It's either that it's getting really uncomfortable to sleep or that I'm just excited.

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Wow thats wonderful news! Baby showers are so much fun! Could be anytime now really, I had my oldest son @ 37 weeks by going into labor. He was fine too.


My 2nd was a planned CSection at 37 weeks and with the baby Im having now, she will be the same.


Good Luck and try to sleep, cause youll need it when he is here =)

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Awww what a cute pic with the cat... ! Yeah, I can imagine it's starting to feel really heavy in your belly! It's only a few weeks now... I am excited for you!!!


I don't even like that cat lol. Sorry to any of you that love cats but I have never liked them.


Yeah, my tummy feels like it's a million pounds ugh. I love it though.

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Please be careful around animals, especially cats and dogs when you have the baby. They either end up very protective and guard the pram or jealous and want to hurt the baby.


I hope everything goes well for you and that you don't have a long labour.


Good luck and take care.

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Wow, that's such a cool picture with the inquisitive kitty paw thrown in as a bonus! Congratulations! Do you really think cats are dangerous to newborns? How will you keep yours separate? I have five and have been warned plenty about how they "suffocate babies". CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

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