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  1. I think iv heard it befor to, from a song or something
  2. I love it, i can relate to it alot.
  3. Me too, i love coming and reading your stories so please dont stop.
  4. LOL now thats funny. I with tigris on this one too, she just said that so her brother would leave her alone. Keep hanging out with her and see what happens.
  5. Dpressedone89 i love it, but i really hope you feel better soon. Mistaken wow that one was so good, Drugs have taken over my old brothers and well i dont even know em anymore.
  6. I loved em all, very depressing but its a good way to let out how you feel inside.
  7. I loved it. Thats just how i feel right now
  8. You shouldnt of hanged up on her, you should of asked her what she ment by that. But anyway to late now for that just ring her and talk to her and ask what she ment by it, we all here could say what she might of ment by it but really none of us here knows cuz we are not her, so just ask her
  9. I love my neck sucked, bitten and kissed thats what gets me going
  10. I feel like that quiet abit, great poem i love the poems i have read by you so far i would love to read alot more
  11. I love it, its short but very sweet, I know that feeling way to well where you just want to prove your love to the person you love
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