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Should I feel Crappy or is this sweet - mixed feelings

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My b/f of 2 months sent me a text yesterday with a poem. I thought the poem was cute, but for some odd reason I ran it thru google and realized that he edited part of it, as oppose to leaving it like the original. here is HIS version of the poem:


I dropped a tear in the ocean for you,

the day you find it

is the day i stop caring for you






now substitute 'caring for you' with 'loving you'.............that is what the original poem reads.


should I be insulted by this? My bestfriend said I am just spoil and just use to my exes saying the L word too soon.



what do you think?

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He probally meant it as a sweet gesture, and he may have changed the words slightly because he didnt want to lie.


He may care for you very much but after 2 months he may not yet call it love. Theres nothing wrong with that.


Too often people say things they dont mean. Would you rather him say he loves you when he doesnt? Myself, Id rather someone be honest with me about how they feel.

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Maybe your BF is just not ready for the LOVE word just yet, that is the only thing I can think of.


Has he ever said I LOVE YOU before ? If not ,I think he just doesn't want to throw the love word around too soon.


He obviously cares a lot about you by sending the poem in the first place. If I were you I wouldn't sweat it too much, and just appreciate the fact that he sent it.

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You're completely overlooking the fact your boyfriend SENT YOU A POEM. That's pretty romantic stuff, and indicates he's certainly well on his way to loving you, if in fact, he isn't already there! However, if you raise the subject to him of why he didn't leave the poem as is, you can be sure that any direction he's moving in towards love will suddenly screech to a grinding halt.


I'm sure you're a sweet girl, but in this case...your friend is right, hon, and you're being a little nitpicky.

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Yeah, sounds like a super thoughtful thing for him to say, and if he's sweet enough to say this, then I would bet the reason he hasn't said I love you yet is b/c he's a good guy and wants do everything right in the relationship.


Enjoy the gesture and don't overanalyze it.

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I think that he was just trying to be sweet and send you a little something. Make you aware he is thinking of you. We all have used works from others when we would like to make a point or tell someone we care for them.

Heck I have googled some peoples responses here and its an edited copy n paste.

Just be happy that he did this sweet gesture.

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Ditto to all above... But why on EARTH would you Google a poem someone sends you?!


He probably really liked that poem a lot. He thought it fit perfectly with how he felt, except of course that he doesn't LOVE you yet. And after two months?! Start wondering if you had been dating for 7 or 8 months, maybe. But my guess is that if this is how your BF is NOW, then in 7 or 8 months you won't have to wonder.

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He thought it fit perfectly with how he felt, except of course that he doesn't LOVE you yet.


Well, just because he changed the word to "care" doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love her yet, it could just mean he was too nervous to really say that at this point in time.

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Hi, well I think I would be offended too...but actually it's good that he isn't saying the L word just to say it!! I had a guy say it once just cuz he knew it's what I wanted to hear, it hurt on the long run, so be happy that this guy is honest w/you. he doesn't want to say it until he means it!!! people fall in love at different times. Or he may love u and just think he may scare you off.

by happy he sent yo a poem. thats very thoughtful

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all you guys are right........my bestfriend just told me to cut it out! i wasnt going to approach him with it though - I was just thinking it!


i guess he does and his actions tell me he really cares and perhaps love me - I guess I just want to hear him say it!


Actually last night, we were talking about stuff in the relationship - very good conversation...and I asked him how can he want to do certain things with me and tell me he wants to spend eternity with me?! I mean to know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, shouldnt you have to LOVE them to even fathom those thoughts?


he replied that we are not in love with each other and obviously that is going to come.

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HangingInThere, you complaining about this quite frankly seems like someone stumbling upon a wad of hundred-dollar bills and complaing that they are dirty. Grab this man and show him some real appreciation for what he did do, kiss him so he feels like you are about to suck the breath out of him. Show him some passion. And then, maybe you'll hear that "L" word soon. Complain, and you may see nothing of him but his elbows and his behind heading in the other direction.

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we are very affectionate towards each other - we are not lacking in that department! I just called him and told him how much adore him and he said it back - I could just tell he was smiling with glee....yesterday he also sent me a text saying he miss me, wants to hug me, kiss me, touch me, smell me, just be with me and we just saw each other on Saturday - very very sweet....and my freaking side took the romance out of the text and said sumtin raunchy and sexual (he like that tho)


perhaps i am just so eager to hear the L word.


but in hindsight, there were a few relationship(s) were that word was thrown around like it was going out of style and look where me and them ended up?!


So i guess it really is refreshing knowing that he is taking his time with it and not just throwing it around like that, same for me!

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I just looked it up on the internet too.

I found 3 versions.

1) the day I stop caring for you 2) the day I stop missing you 3) the day I stop loving you


Personally i think he choose the perfect version! It was honest, sincere & sweet..I like it (:


being eager to hear the word love is fine (: but remember he's being wise not to promise something he can't give yet.

Saying I love YOu, is one things...promising to NEVER stop loving you is a promise forever. So be thankful he's being sincere & true to his word. When the time is right, you know it will be from his heart (:

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