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  1. So I'm thinking of taking the pill, to help with my PMS. I heard yasmin was good. I read some side-effects of birth control and they sound really scary!!! exactly how common are the really bad side effects??? anyone have any bad past experiences? I don't know if it's worth the risks.
  2. HELP! I need to take 20 mg of prozac because my doctor says it's the only way to decrease my horrible PMS moods. Anyways, it totally kills my sex drive. to the point where I can't orgasm or when I do it takes FOREVER!!!!!! what should I do??? has does everyone else in the world deal with this???
  3. I used to work at a Physical Therapy place and a few things that helped were an ice pack (lay on it with a pillow case over it for 15 minutes) or heat pack (same thing) whichever one works depends on why you have pain. Also ice hot or pain patches from drug stores seem to give temporary relief. hope one of those works!
  4. Ok, so I've heard before that you can get pregnant from pre-cum getting in you. I know it's not too likely but I was wondering, if you can get preg from that, then wouldn't all the people that do the pull out method get pregnant from the pre-cum??? because even if you pull out before an orgasm, there is still the pre.
  5. No, it's not on the underpart of the hand, it's on the top/front of the hand.
  6. Ok, so I have these weird little bumps on the tops of my fingers (the backside where the nail is) they don't stick out like warts, but they are still small lumps on the top creases of my fingers. It's only on one hand and only on 3 fingers. It doesn't hurt and they've been there a few months. Anyone know what I'm talking about??
  7. yeah he tried melatonin, the thing is he keeps waking up during the night and can't fall back to sleep.
  8. My bf has really bad insomnia, we've tried the usual stuff people say to do. Nothing has helped. His doctor gave him VERY addictive pills and he's trying to get off of them, but they are the only way he can sleep!!! anyone ever beaten insomnia?? if so, how???
  9. It will happen! I was in this rut once. Ecxept the guys I dated were all unstable or pshycotic. I was never satisfied, people said I was too picky...but you should be if it's the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with!! It was when I just decided to wait for God to bring me the right person, that he finally did don't give up hope. It will happen when the time is right. He is out there.
  10. I've heard older people say "lady friend" or "companion" or you could say "the guy I'm seeing" or "my guy"
  11. well prozac for one is legal and two it doesn't kill your brain cells. thanx about the avy though....but no one is as beauituful as Ms. Stefani
  12. yes I have, and he said they usually reccomend prozac, but I'm already on it
  13. I don't wanna be a weed head!! I'd rather go though this to to be high all the time and kill brain cells!
  14. BTW - Yvette - that can't be you in your avatar, surely. I wish!
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