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Vaginal farts

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My girlfriend and I were having sex from the rear and out of nowhere a very loud fart erupted from her vagina. I guess this is what you would label a "queef."


Is this normal? What exactly causes this to happen? Is it suction? Something else?


But man, it was funny as all hell =).


If anyone else wants to share their queef experiences that would be great.

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OMG... Such a bad memory smacks me in the face when I read that.... LOL


I was a 19 year old sex-lunatic with my only long term bf before I got married. We had had some particularly, ummm, vigorous (wall banging, hair-pulling, i-can-put-my-legs-behind-my-head) sex, and we lay there in a pleasant stupor afterward for a while.


When I went to get up, I felt a giant air bubble roll out of my va-jay-jay that went on FOR-EV-ER.... Phweeeeeeeeeeee--errrrrt. I almost died. I turned red, and he started laughing. He thought I farted, I vehemently denied that I hadn't, he laughed harder. I hit him in the head with a pillow and told him I didn't. He ended up laughing so hard that he really did fart, and then was so embarrased that he got kind of angry at me.


So we ended up mad and embarrassed at each other for like 4 days over a stupid air bubble. (But we did have the most awesome make-up sex, sans-queef)

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i think this happens to almost every woman and it's completely normal.


this has happened to me too. and my ex just laughed for a few secs and stop. that's it.


you find this funny at first. but the more experience you have, the more you'll get use to this funny sound. you're still young.

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Had it happen just last night in fact HAHA

It only happens to me and my BF when we do it doggy style. Try changing positions, it might help.

If all else fails, just laugh about it. But make sure your GF knows you are laughing with her and not at her. Sometimes it is a little embarrasing....

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The longer you're with her, the more fun you'll have with it. There comes a point in some seriously loving relationships (where your lover is also your best friend) when joking about such things comes naturally. Me and my ex-g/f would laugh and joke around after sex as we played with each others bodies just because we were that close.


In this case we laughed, and I kept trying to get her vagina to do it again.

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This is very common for that position. And as a woman I can tell you that it's impossible to keep the air in. And that it's necessary it comes out, by the way. I always think, 'sorry for the noise, but it was you putting the air in'

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My wife queef's every time we do the doggy style. Air simply gets pumped in there and when we are done she lets it rip. It can be funny but usually I just ignore it. I think she gets a little embarrassed by it but we usually just move on to either the next position or hit the showers.

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That happened to me a couple of times and I was so embarrassed!!!! But my bf was just like whatever about it cuz he knew what it was. Still, VERY embarrasing for the girls, especially when you're having sex for the first time with someone


YEP... embarrassing when you are with a NEW partner for sure. There's no way to know its coming and no way in heII to stop it. It just happens.


and yeah.... Very embarrassing for the woman because it sounds like she's tooting.

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my boyfriend has a huge * * * * and i'm * * * * kkin tight


plus love it hard and from behind


so, basically NO AVOIDING this


seriously do guys just laugh it off, cause i'm at the point of the embarrassment where i'd consider cutting him off just to avoid it.

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It's happened to me a couple of times, particularly doggy-style. It seems like it happens when he starts to go soft but stays in. When he comes out there is a definite passing of gas...lol.


I was initially embarrassed but now we just laugh about it and tell him it's his fault...

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