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  1. 1. 40 hrs - sometimes I do OT 2. Yes I feel it's worth it - I just got promoted last week 3. I didn't really like what I did before I got promoted...hence the reason I went for the promotion. It was more a problem of being bored because I did what I did for so long and so well. 4. No I am not stuck...there's lots of upward mobility at my work
  2. SOOO many retail places do that crap. Personally I would quit and see if you can find other part time work. It really isn't worth the stress when you're trying to go to school.
  3. I wouldn't tell them up front that it might only be temporary. Go in there with great expectations and see what happens. If you do happen to find something better and close to your school then by all means go for it at that time - but don't go into this new place already thinking you're just gonna leave - and especially do not tell them that. All you're required to do is the 2 week notice thing...and just state personal reasons...the company doesn't need to know your exact reasons.
  4. Wow thanks for all the perspectives...I feel a bit better now as the day has gone on a bit. Part of me was wondering about the idea that maybe I AM attracted to my boss - thinking about this all day has made me sort of realize this...but from the beginning I've pretty much gone along with the crowd of disliking him (many people dislike him and some have even transferred departments because of him) - but perhaps there's a tiny part of me that is attracted to him somehow? I'm not sure...there's no way I'm giving up my job because of this one guy - I won't be working with him forever because I'll either move up or he will...so I'll just see how things go - I start working back in the office on Oct. 2 so I have a week to figure out this crap in my head
  5. I had no idea where to put this...dreams seem they would fit in here. A little background first - I just got promoted at work...I applied for the job because I pretty much dislike my boss and because I was bored. This step up though is going to require me going to meetings with my current boss that I dislike and I will be working back in the the office - whereas right now I am a telecommuter. The reason I dislike my boss so much is because I get the most uneasy feeling around him - I have ever since I met him over a year and a half ago. This uneasy feeling stems from the fact that I think he really likes me in "that" way - it wouldn't be so bad if I was the only one to feel it - but others at work have noticed it as well. It's like he gives me preferential treatment and always nominates me for the pay raises and bonuses (I know that's not a bad thing). Basically he gives me that vibe - whenever I come into the office to work he always has to come over and hang out around my desk and try to talk to me - but it's SO awkward - he's also 10 years older than me...I'm 24 and I think he's 36 so he's 12 years older. Ok done with the background info...apparently my subconscious is really upset with this promotion because I'll have to be seeing him everyday. This dream is really ODD. It starts out in the restroom at the office. (another bit of background - I have a LOT of bathroom dreams where people can either see me in there doing my business or something else - I have no idea why I always dream like that) So I'm in the bathroom...and this bathroom has a really really big stall in this dream. I'm in there doing my business when my boss walks in - we'll call him C. He starts talking to me like I did something wrong - he was explaining something about work that I messed up on...but the entire time I'm thinking - "why does he have to tell me this HERE?!" - but I just sit there hoping for it to get over with. Pretty much I'm terrified of him at this point. Then he starts pacing around the stall (remember it's kinda big) and he comes right up to me...I'm sitting there on the TOILET! And he's staring down at me and then I say "What the crap are you doing?" and then he kisses me on the lips. Right then I get up and say "Why are you doing this? - you need to get out right now!" and I was really firm and he left. At this point in the dream I get out of the bathroom and walk back into the office and start telling people - pf course C had left by then...the rest of my dream is spent figuring things out and other random stuff - but that's the bulk of the dream. Even though this was just a dream is FELT so real and now I am completely weirded out. I know that from now on I won't be able to look at C the same way once I do start working in the office again... I guess my take on this dream is that I fear that once I start having daily contact with him his "weirdness" vibe may increase and he may start developing some sort of crush (to be honest I think he already has that though) - the weirdest part of all is that he barely got married this past summer and has a baby on the way. Let me make it clear too that I have absolutely no interest in this guy...he just creeps me out to NO END. He hasn't done anything yet to warrant these feelings...it's just all the little things I've noticed that make me wonder - I actually have a very strong feeling that he had something to do with my promotion as well...I feel he may have pushed it along more than he should have. Anyways - any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated...anyone have any experience decoding dreams? haha](*,)
  6. Obviously don't set your sights too hire on the big time jobs. You're gonna have to settle for being a grocery bagger or a fast food worker or a cashier. My first job was at Petsmart when I was 16 and I was a natural at the register - I had no prior experience. Most people will take anyone willing to work for the low pay so I'm sure you'll find something soon.
  7. Wow that is seriously a weird situation. I think for the time being you should just have email contact with her until things cool off. If she really is 20 then maybe she can make some plans in the future to move out on her own. Whatever the situation is - it's REALLY weird that her parents are so protective of her at that age...I have a feeling there's more to the whole story then what she's been telling you. Perhaps the parents have some reasons for being so protective of her...who knows. I say let her come to you when the time is right - but in the meantime don't stop your life waiting for this girl to get her act together.
  8. That's so awesome! I am so glad to hear how happy you are after all you've gone through! I'll have to try out the Chinese predictor when the time comes for me
  9. Boy does this situtation sound familiar to me - I had a similar post to this a few weeks ago. At some point I think you have to keep the passion going or try and create it if it's not there...for me...my love for my BF evolved out of our friendship and our values in life. As time has gone by I have found myself becoming more attracted to him in that passionate way but it's taken time and there are times when I question things. But because I love him and because I see a future with him - a future that I want - I am trying to make things work but it takes some effort. It's a personal decision you have to decide for yourself.
  10. My current relationship started out online - we were friends for 4 years...but when we decided that things were right to take things to the next level we made plans for me to fly out to visit him...he made the plans AS WELL AS me...I paid half and he paid half. Basically..we didn't waste time with the in person stuff at all...we knew it was essential to meet before we became anything more than friends...otherwise it's just all in your head. I think if he was really serious in his relationship with you he would have figured out a way for you to meet...either you need to meet somewhere halfway or YOU need to find a way to visit him...it can't all be blamed on one person. If he really does not want to meet you in person then you have to stop and ask yourself "why" - perhaps he's been lying this entire time about his life and how it really is. If I were you I'd stop dreaming of a life with him until you get this situation straightened out.
  11. Yeah I was worried about having an aneurism (sp?) but seriously...pains like that along with headaches are caused when the blood capillaries in your brain constrict...Immitrex and other headache medicines reduce the constriction and help make them their normal size again...the constriction is what causes the pain. My sharp shooting pains only lasted a second or two but man it felt seriously like a big old needle stabbing me and I'd almost black out for that second or two. The only reason normal medicines never worked for me - like Excedrine was because caffine was the main source of my headaches to begin with...and most headache meds contain caffine! Good luck to ya solving your problem!
  12. Are you prone to migraines? If you are find out your triggers and cut back on them. Back a few months ago I had those sharp shooting pains - they feel like someone stabbing you in the brain with a long needle...I went to the doctor and was finally diagnosed with Migraines...I've had headaches all my life but the sharp pains started recently. After I figured out what my triggers were (ice cream and caffine - mainly caffine) I cut all of it out of my diet and I've only had 1 headache in 2 months...it was due to pressure from the weather changing. So yeah - find out your triggers and hopefully you're doc will also give you a prescription for Immitrex - the stuff works wonders but it knocks me out
  13. For me the fingers inside don't do anything unless they are pushing up against the pelvic bone (at least I think it's the pelvic bone)...basically I stick them up and curve them upward and press on the hard bone right there - I know it sounds weird but that's the only pleasurable way for me...otherwise I could care less what's in there - I have to have the sense of pressure and that's what does it for me
  14. I get this way too sometimes. My BF still has pictures of his ex on his computer in a separate folder...nothing sexual or anything. But there was a time I'd get supremely jealous of her and all of the memories he had with her and such. He knows how I feel and it makes me feel better knowing he's with me and not her for a reason. I think it's normal to feel this way and I don't think you're being petty at all. Unless your BF acts on anything you shouldn't be worrying
  15. Yeah honestly butterflies aren't even a happy feeling - for me it was almost a sense of dread. I would get physically ill every time I knew I was going to be seeing the guy I was crushing on. I would get so nervous in my stomach that I could hardly eat...for me those were butterflies. Everyone is different. When I'd get that feeling in the pit of my stomach I KNEW I really like a guy...the only reason I brought up my other thread was because I rarely experienced that feeling with my current boyfriend.
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