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Should I choose my love and the dream that binds us or my career and dreams?

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Me and my first love were best friends and dreamt to start a business of our own. But things happened in such a way that we got separated and couldn't accept our feelings. After three years, we still have feelings for each other. But we have went on our separate ways after discarding business dreams. Then suddenly that person asked me whether I want to go for business or not. One part of me want to get back with her and support her dreams and choose love that I lost three years before. But another part of me wants me to retain my new identity and path, follow my dream to do research. I hope there is some middle ground in between. But I am not able to find out what should I do at this point. I still have time to decide and accept or refuse. Please can anyone help me out. 

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2 hours ago, quilo said:

But we have went on our separate ways after discarding business dreams.. But another part of me wants me to retain my new identity and path, follow my dream to do research

Trust your instincts and follow your own path and dreams. Whenever an ex contacts you it's for their own reasons. Just broke up, lonely, bored, curious,etc. 

If you would like to be acquaintances, fine but it's better to move forward than backwards?

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You don’t say what separated you, and the question she asked sounds focused on business while your heading conflates that with love.

 If a business partnership needs anything, it’s stability. You have no measurement of that with this person.

I would keep my current course and tell this person that if she ever manages this business into one that can hire a part time employee some nights and weekends, you’ll apply for the job.

This leaves your door open to dabble in the business without financial risk even while you retain the substantial investment you’ve built in your current position.

 If this person can’t get this business off the ground without your expertise, she can hire you as a consultant. Beyond that, it makes no sense to put yourself at risk for someone with no stability in your life—or possibly her own.

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Why she cant start a business without you? Does she needs finances?

Also, if you dont see yourself in that business, I think its bad to start one just because you want to support her. You are not a husband and wife, you are not even in a relationship. You have no obligations toward her or her dream.

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You can choose both because of the boy really think future with you then ask him wait for me or tell you if they are relationship you won’t be able to focus in it that much. But doesn’t mean you are going behind him should tell him that. If a person live you so much he will do anything for you if he said he can’t wait and tell him bye bye because there is no future if he is that impatient. And if he loves you he will support you. Try to handle situation nicely and tell him you lie him but want to focus on your dream because if you choose him you can never go back. but tell him to wait till you are done and you will not look after anybody if you do than tell him directing than letting him wait for nothing.

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On 9/23/2023 at 12:50 AM, smackie9 said:

First off we need more info like where you both live, how old, what is your dating experience, what careers you have now, what business is she expecting you to do? Is she still interested in dating 


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