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Irregular periods


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You are playing with fire! How old are you? I suspect you are pretty young, you have very little knowledge of how your body works. The withdrawal method is the least reliable form of birth control. Go see your doctor and get some birth control protection. Stop having sex until you see your doctor or you could regret this.

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I'd say if you're the type to insist on going bareback, you should at the very least have an OB/GYN to help you out with irregular periods or, you know, the inevitable unplanned pregnancy.


Unfortunately for most of us, enotalone isn't an easy and cheap means of getting answers to personal medical issues.

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OP There is a logic, but without knowing you I can only guess.


You were raise to dismiss your own sexuality. Nice girls aren’t sexual. Boys ask the girls for a ride around the bases, but girls are supposed to shut them down. Girls don’t want that!


Those of us who were raised that way are statistically more likely to ignore our own knowledge and to end up Why? Because we spent a lifetime learning to be ashamed of and to deny our sexual selves - often being even more sexual as a result.


Anyway, if you are going to have sex, an adult activity, then act like an adult. Speak up about the importance of your health, speak up about the importance of sex, get a doc appt, get bc. Tell yourself With rights come responsibility. If you assert your right to have sex, then you must also bear responsibility for your part in it.

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Yes, you should see a doctor because birth control pills can regulate your period and protect against pregnancy too! Right now, you never know when you're fertile and it's like playing Russian roulette. You can't even use the rhythm method because you don't know when you're ovulating.


If you guys are exclusive with each other, why are you testing for STDs after the first time? I guess trust is an issue. Trust but verify, as they say.

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I'm 23 year's old, my boyfriend and I are very loyal to each other, we test for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases always and we're always clean. I'm worried about this irregular periods.


Honey, I got pregnant from the pullout method. Thankfully I am married and and have financial security, which I doubt you both have at 23. A baby will place a strain on your relationship by bringing even more responsibilities.


Irregular period or not, you could also have implantation bleeding which is also what I got.


Nobody here is a qualified physician. This is also the FIFTH thread in almost a week of somebody refusing to use pprotection and asking a bunch of strangers on the internet if they are pregnant. Go take a pregnancy test and speak with your doctor.

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