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I was on vacation with my girlfriend and we dry humped and she was waring pjs and panties under that and she was taking her birth control late and I’m not positive but I think she’s on the mini pill butb when we were dry humping my pen ice was exposed without underwear and I I precame on her pants and she got her period for a second time right when got back which was three or so days later and the other day she says she gained weight and two day later she said she feels nauseous and she is under a lot of stress but I don’t know if she pregnant or not should I be worried

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Thanks sweet girl28


Instead of googling and worrying, buy a test. They are not expensive.

Please use caution and protection from now on. Then your need to worry is drastically decreased.


If you must Google, Google why a girls periods can be off cycle.

There are many reasons. Then you can be educated as to other causes rather than

having anxiety over this

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If she’s had her period after the contact she isn’t pregnant. For f*ck sake learn some basics about sex and pregnancy before you have any more sex.


This is worth repeating. OP, you should BOTH educate yourselves on sex and pregnancy a lot more, hopefully before you have sex again. And please use protection at all times. Not ready to be parents? Educate yourself.

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