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Peoples breakups and how long it took you to finally say to yourself "yeah i'm over them"


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Hi All,


So i am just looking to see how long its taken over people to get over a breakup?


My worst one was from a 5 year relationship and it took me 3 years to fully move on, i became a recluse really but i think its only cos i still tried to remain friends with a wishful thinking we would end up back together.

I have been the dumper once and it didnt take me long at all to get over this person as i felt they just wasnt right for me.

I dated a girl for 2 months, kinda went to friends with benefits sort of thing, she ended it or just vanished from my life and not going to lie it took me 6 months to fully get over her.

Currently going through NC after being with a girl for a year....i have no idea when i will get over her, but i do not cry over her anymore and its been 3 weeks since i last saw her, just feeling rejected and angry that she had someone in the line up during our relationship.


Be interesting to read other peoples experiences.

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Had a horrible break up after my fathers passing away. Break up and bereavement at the same time.... Probably the worst feeling in the world.


I'm still processing the bereavement.


Few years after the break up I regularly thank the gods that she's not my girlfriend. I'm blessed and am grateful.

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I'm four months in and still pretty heartbroken but starting to feel a bit better and can see that while I still really miss him I deserve better.


This is so important. Same boat.

I miss him and can’t really say I’m over him but I’m starting to move on and realize he’s not the one. We’re together for a year and broken up for 2 1/2 months now.

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Broke up 2 years ago and still not over it. Only stopped being friends 2 weeks ago! we stayed in contact every few months so hope was lingering on my end. I think thats why i never got over it. If we went nc the minute we broke up, I feel i could of fully been over it in 8 months to a year. Staying in contact really isnt the best. If i could re do it, id keep nc forever. Its so hard but worth it in the end.


We dated 1 year.

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