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First fight with boyfriend


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I had my first fight with my boyfriend of almost 2 months last night, of all nights new years eve. It ended up being a terrible night. During the fight, he said that I need to show him respect. I was not disrespecting him, but just calmly communicating. He told me that he deserves more respect than me during a fight, and I have to be subservient and subordinate towards him especially in his house. I understand you have to show respect to people, but my argument to him was that we both deserve the same amount of respect. Everything was great until this fight, where I got to see his true colours. On top of it all, I hate that I rang in the year with negativity. I don't know what to do.

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What was the fight about? A whole lot of context is missing.


Did he actually use the words "subservient" and "subordinate?" Definitely wouldn't be a fan of him throwing words like that out there and would encourage you to exit stage right if he did. But if you're simply reflecting on your perception of his sentiment, I do believe in treating other people's homes with more respect than your own and, ultimately, what they say goes (barring the obvious extremes). You don't have to like it or stick around.

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