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  1. I know that at the end of the day non of this matters. Would be nice to make sense of it though.
  2. They didn't know each other previously. She met him around the same time we met.
  3. I met a girl and hit it off immediately with a strong connection. She was constantly showering me with compliments and telling me how amazing I am and how special I am in her life and how lucky she is to have met me, etc. One week she started getting a little cold and distant telling me she's been too busy at work. About a week and a half later she tells me that she's not interested anymore and that we have absolutely nothing in common (which is glaringly false). lol ? Then less than 2 months later I found out she got engaged. ? How does one make sense of any of this???
  4. Yeah, I agree. I shouldn't be putting my life on hold for her.
  5. I already booked a flight to visit her for the weekend. We aren't broken up.
  6. So I've already made plans to meet up with her. But it seems like she's starting to pull away. Doesn't really tell me about her day much, I'm the one doing all the calling, posts stuff about her outings on social media without even telling me about them anymore. Not sure what to do at this point. Pull back as well?
  7. I would say mimick her behavior. If what you want is to go on dates and she doesn't want that, then there is no point in meeting her half way. Maybe this will encourage her to go out with you.
  8. Thank you! I will visit as often as I can. I will also plan the next trip as soon as I can that way I continue to show my interest and commitment to her. It is time-consuming and it is a bit costly, but if it all works out it will be totally worth it.
  9. We met in person a couple of months ago and have been talking since. I've seen her three weekends. May see each other a weekend a month or so?
  10. I really want it to work out with this girl. She is hands down the most compatible person I ever dated. But how do I get things progressing until I visit her again? Video chats? talking on the phone every day?
  11. The picnic went very well! We both enjoyed it. That weekend trip was a lot of fun. Thanks for asking!
  12. I'm in a long-distance relationship and I am trying to figure out how to build chemistry? Any ideas?
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