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  1. The thing is, she's not gonna be the type to express interest in me. I'm going to have to do it and be kinda blunt about it. But there are ways to express it without being overbearing.
  2. Alright, so I wanted to follow up on this. The event happened two weeks ago and I met the girl. She is as sweet, humble, and awesome as I imagined her to be based on our interactions over zoom and phone. I talked to her when I could but also made sure to give her space to talk to her friends and stuff. I was leaving the event before she was so I messaged her to let her know I was leaving and wanted to say goodbye before I left. she seemed to like that. After the event she went to visit family in the area before heading back home. After she gets back home I will call her to say hello and that it was nice to finally met her and tell her that I'd love to visit her and get to know her on a deeper level.
  3. They were mostly and reach other's lives. Very little church related conversation. More like getting to know you conversations.
  4. Yes I agree with all of this. Let's see how it goes. Maybe I'll meet someone else if she's not interested.
  5. Yes these should be opportunity to have coffee or to at least talk one on one. I will eventually shoot my shot after meeting her in person and taking to her more to know my answer so I could proceed either way.
  6. Yes, practically everyone going will be single and people use the opportunity to meet and date.
  7. Yeah I agree. I might also meet other girls there. And if she's not interested I'll have other options.
  8. A date at the church convention? I'll try to pull that off, may be a bit difficult. Thank you!
  9. I already know a lot about her from all the conversations we had. But yes, no reason to rush. I think telling her I'm interested after meet her has more "weight" to it.
  10. Yes I'm starting to realize that I should meet her first. I already told her that I'm looking forward to meeting her... So she knows. I don't want to scare her either.
  11. The convention would be the first time meeting but since things are much more open now, it wouldn't be an issue visiting each other more. So it makes more sense to meet first and see where it goes. I think I can read someone's level of interest. If I decide that I like her after meeting her then I will be more transparent with my intentions, especially since it would be a LDR. I am interested in getting married.
  12. A little background: during the whole pandemic I ended up meeting someone through a bunch of church zoom calls last year that I got to know through text and phone calls. I'll finally get to meet her in person soon at a church convention and I am not sure how to approach the situation. I really like her and I want to get to know her on a higher level. I know we haven't met in person yet so it may be a little premature but I want to let her know that my intention to meeting her is to see if there is mutual interest. I tried testing the waters by messaging her that I was looking forward to finally meeting her and she replied by saying that she's looking forward to seeing everyone. Not the reply I was looking for haha. How do I tell her what my intentions are for meeting her? Should I wait until after meeting her in person to express interest? Maybe she wants to keep her options open for her to meet someone else there? Maybe I should be bold and take a chance and tell her that I like her and kinda treat the meetings as getting to know each other more. I was also thinking that if I ask her and she says no or is hesitating after expressing my interest then it gives me the green light to talk to other girls there and not worry about being a "player". Thoughts?
  13. She wasn't saying slow your roll. She said the feelings were there and that it was import for her to have those feelings even though everything else was perfectly here. If she just wanted me to slow my roll she would have said that she's still interested.
  14. My response probably also came across as pouty. Maybe she thought I was being immature. But no way anyone would act like nothing happened while we were still walking around in the museum.
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