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  1. Something I thought you might find interesting below. And there is a TON of evidence to support it ...: __________ Elder care is a final frontier in the gender wars. More than 65 percent of older people who need long-term care rely solely on family and friends, and most of those caregivers — estimates range from 59 to 75 percent — are women, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance. A recent study by a Princeton researcher found that daughters step up twice as often as sons, regardless of job status, child-care duties and other variables. The findings suggest that gender and traditional gender roles trump all. Gail Gibson Hunt, chief executive of the National Alliance for Caregiving, said women become caregivers because society expects them to. “They are still in that role even though they are in the workforce to almost the same extent as men,” Hunt said. Studies show that at work, men are even more reluctant than women to discuss their role as caregivers, especially for aging relatives, Hunt said. The lopsided emotional, mental and financial burdens shouldered by millions of women increase the odds that their health will suffer, research suggests. Seventeen percent of all caregivers say their health worsened because of their duties, and women report higher stress levels than men, according to studies cited by the Family Caregiver Alliance. /
  2. I don't think anything fruitful would come out of telling him about the exchange. You would be using the "micro" example to make a "macro" larger point. And it seems he would focus on debunking the example. Does Jay's temp job impact his unemployment insurance payments?
  3. I'm sorry for your situation. From everything you have said I agree it seems like she doesn't love you or care about you in any real way. It's really unfathomable.
  4. I wouldn't blame you if you took some space. It seems unreasonable for you to do all that running around with nothing in return.
  5. How long have you been at your current work place?
  6. There are some convenience stores that put beer next to maxi pads and diapers. That's because there are so many husbands that have to run out and get those, they noticed that beer sales go up when they are nearby. I can imagine tons of husbands with diapers in one hand and a six pack in the other. If and when you marry, these "honey please do" things become very common.
  7. With respect, I don't fully agree with that. I mean, I'm married and my husband and I get along great! But our values and morals and temperaments are the same. We aren't "full of differences and disagreements." Granted, we have to work on things like making sure we are spending enough time together, having dates, etc. I just think the mantra that marriage is inherently THAT hard isn't always true. Perhaps marriage between incompatible people is hard.
  8. Yay - Congratulations man!!!
  9. I have said this to my girlfriends. Just enjoy the relationship now. Don't always obsess about where it's going or what's next, next, next. I'm glad he's in your life.
  10. What do you feel you need to do to gain those things? Those three elements are deeply personal/internal and won't necessarily come from external sources.
  11. What do you need to leave? Because it sounds like that's where you are ... leaning towards leaving.
  12. Snoring may be a sign of something (e.g. a condition) more serious.
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