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War of the Roses...


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Me & My Boyfriend got in an argument cause he phoned my dad and had an argument over something my dad had done, he yelled at him, then hung up... he told me he thought my family were peices of s*** and so was I... Out of shock I slapped him accross the face, I know it was rash of me but I was so upset and speechless.. He then grabbed my head and smashed my face into the wood floor.. I was knocked out and woke up minutes later to him grabbing his things and leaving saying we were done... I went outside to lye in the sun after cleaning what he'd smashed up... I fell asleep and woke to him saying he was sorry and he loved me.. I forgave him and hugged him... I forgave him but feel scared it will continue... what should I do... we've been together for 5 years and I love him but he's so negative and controlling... I don't know what to do a anymore....

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If he hit your head hard enough for you to lose consciousness, you need medical attention immediately. You have no idea what a risk you are still at, even though you have regained consciousness. Get yourself to a doctor now.


Then, you tell him to eff off. Forever. He's not just negative and controlling, he is violent and dangerous. He doesn't love you. You need to get yourself to a safe place and stay there. He has zero place in your life.

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Um are you for real? He's physically violent towards you and verbally abusive to you and your family and you don't know what to do? What else other than leave and never look back! He's not "negative", he's abusive. Please take your stuff and leave as soon as possible, maybe when he's not around, and go hide somewhere safe where he can't find you.

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He is both physically and emotionally abusive. Why do you stay in such a chaotic and dangerous environment? Please do not say this is love, as love is not violent, controlling and isolating.


I suggest you look up the cycle of abuse.


No one is worth dying over. Time to understand why you are in this type of relationship.

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What you did was wrong, but what he did is mortifying.


IIf he hit you hard enough to knock you out, you need to go to the hospital NOW. He might have given you traumatic brain injury. I'm dead serious. You need to be examined by a neurologist. And don't lie about how you got hurt because your boyfriend doesn't deserve any protection.


I had an ex boyfriend struck my head. Though he didn't knock me out I had suffered a severe head concussion. It took me months to fully recover.


In addition to going to the hospital you need to file a police report. This guy deserves to be locked up in jail.


Seek help right now. Do not talk to him. And do not get back with him. As is, your relationship is done. You need to keep yourself safe.


Do you have family or a friend you can temporarily live with? If not seek a women's shelter. Do not stay anywhere he can have access to you.

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