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  1. He has Psoriasis and you are pointing out marks all over his body. Doesn’t that upset him? I honestly don’t know why he is with you you are emotionally abusing him.
  2. I think saying you clearly phrased it like that is too strong. She didn’t have to take it that way and could have just laughed off your “offer”. Perhaps next time rather than ask what do you want ask something like “do you know what you’re getting for your birthday?”
  3. Does he have pets himself? It’s no excuse for his rudeness but sometimes it can be hard for people who don’t have pets to understand that losing them is like losing a family member. Might be why he came across as dismissive?
  4. Your response was pretty nasty. Can you imagine how nervous he must have been feeling? That might have been why he stopped at that spot. What happened after you said not today?
  5. I took him as planning something to imply it would be a surprise? There’s so much ambiguity here I think the poster is right who said if you like clear communication he’s not the one for you.
  6. He said he would plan something so I’m not sure why the consensus is that it was cancelled. In my opinion 3pm isn’t that bad to get in touch-some men are just last minute like that!
  7. Was this an evening date? If so I don’t think he left it that late by checking with you in the afternoon. I don’t think you were very fair just to assume it was cancelled and then make plans. To him it’ll look like you ditched him.
  8. Can you move desks/workspaces to somewhere he cannot stare?
  9. Sounds like he did it on purpose to play games with you.
  10. How you’ve been treating this woman is so unfair. You seem to push and push and then when she agrees you pull back. You’ve persuaded her to take the car now so to change your mind makes you look untrustworthy. Never mind trusting her, if I were in her shoes I would not agree to take a car off a man I’ve dated seven months. If you argued you could use that against her.
  11. These type of assignments are also designed to get students used to the referencing style and how to avoid plagiarism. New students come from different educational backgrounds and everyone needs to get to the same level.
  12. She does sound jealous but I'd just ignore it. To react or say something would imply you're doing something wrong and you're not. I wouldn't do anything differently to what you're doing. PS stay safe and happy hibernating! It's been unbelievable here.
  13. I’m not sure why you are overthinking this so much and you keep mentioning Muslims, why does it matter why there’s a women’s only class and why he’s there? You didn’t like the place so they won’t get your custom anymore, job done.
  14. He’s a lifeguard. It’s his job to watch the pool. I don’t see anything remotely creepy here at all.
  15. Agree with DancingFool. She may have taken the chocolate out of politeness, expecting that you will never cross paths again.Her response that she is seeing someone indicates she thinks you were hitting on her, which isn't appropriate at work. I know when an overly friendly man makes me uncomfortable, it's sometimes easier just to be polite to avoid conflict, and then pray I never run into him again.
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