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Uni goings on else there will be a LOT of threads...


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oh darling that ear of yours ..is there anything left that can be done ..it must drive you mad .


I can understand the ex still being in love





ps ....I havent unfriended you I just deactivated for a while xxxxxxxxxx


Nothing, and my gp won't refer me to ent which is stupid

Lol adorable? Me? Daft..


Ooo I wondered what happened to you today as o was looking through my friends list lol xxx

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I'm so tired and fed up of my sleep pattern. I best sleep tonight, I have a 13 hour shift tomorrow. Luckily I'm not the driver so I don't have to worry about trying to stay awake for that.

Today I need to get my motorbike fixed - chain is loose and apparently my throttle is sticking, which could result in an accident. I have to ride motorbike to mechanic so she best hold up else I'm screwed xD.. Kind of worried about it though, poor girl!

I have far too much playing on my mind atm. And my ears, grrr! squelchy and tinitus constantly. No point in going to GP though, get prescribed anti biotics that don't work, and the GP just says it's a new infection, trust me I know my ears, it's the same bloody infection that I had last month, and the month before. I just don't go back each week for more anti biotics because it would cost me a stupid amount of money that I cannot afford, for meds that don't work. I really wish the doctors could just take out my ears, or at least my right ear, I know I wouldn't be able to ride motorbike, but the pain is so extreme at this stage I don't bloody care!

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Keep having nightmares.. Waking up constantly through the night. Which is no good when you're doing sleep ins and then a full day of work. I've got a sleep in tonight, a full day tomorrow, sleep in tomorrow, full day friday, sleep in saturday and morning shifts. argh! I can't wait until my holiday, even though I have to be up early every single day, first day, I have an hour of work after a sleep in, second third forth I have early driving lessons, which is good seeing as my driving test has been changed to an early D: and the friday I've gotta be up early for a festival. Going to be shattered worth it though.

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I need decent sleep and my tummy ache to bugger off and people to stop getting stuck in my head. I do not have time to think about them! bleh!

2 out of my 4 expenses for the month have been paid... annoyingly the most expensive is the middle of the month but getting through it. gonna be a tight month money wise, but needs must.

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Some things are worth fighting to achieve. Other's not so much, trying to make that distinction on what qualifies sucks.

Driving test next week, can drive fine, just pretty useless in the car and reading the roads. It's even worse cause in the summer I have more issues with car drivers and it puts me off cars more than in the winter.. I need to drive though.


Really need to think about my future and focus again.

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Passed my driving test for the car today, first attempt was so nervous, felt sick all through. I swear the motorbike test was easier xD, mind you I'd been on the motorbike for close to 8 years when I did the bike test... But yay! I've passed

Next on the agenda is obviously do my masters, and I want to do the motorbike advanced riding test - helps with cornering, poor road conditions, getting out of trouble when cagers don't see you or don't care etc.

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Still no free time xD...

And I'm potentially getting a third job, this is gonna be hectic but well worth it as it will help me even further into getting to uni and the career I want to have eventually. just sucks that I'll be on 'basic rate' tax coding so loosing 25% of anything I earn from that job..

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So sick and tired of my body!

Unknown heart issues which lead to my operation being delayed and nearly delayed a second time cause ecg came back totally different three in row..

Have operation and ear is leaking loads and painful. (got packaging in until middle of December)

Only painkillers that help gave me severe constipation and really hurt so have stopped them, so in pain grr.

And Finally, aunt flow has decided now is prime time for a visit.

At least it didn't arrive whilst dealing with initial constipation I guess? Oh plus the whole no sleep or calling asleep before 9pm and waking up at 3am uuuugh. Kill me already.

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Well life is amazing atm. My boyfriend and I have been together nearing eight months and are moving in together officially in two weeks. About an hour and a half away from our family and friends, to his dream location, my dream county. So exciting. Anxious about it all as we've had a few things crop up with his carso money is a little tight. But we'll make it work. It's crazy how life has changed.


This is the healthiest relationship I've been in. A guy who is fairly confident and social... Thats the big difference from my past unhealthy relationships. I'm so happy to be with this guy. I love him.

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