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When to start fresh...


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I'm 30 years old. I make a comfortable middle class living. Yet I feel like the last 8 or so years of my life I've soley dedicated to the jobs I've had. Through all of this, I feel like I've lost my identity, and after losing my mom last summer, I felt even more lost. Striving to truly live a balanced lifestyle is hard.


At the same time, I'm really struggling with the idea of settling in Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs.


For some reason I have this idea, notion, ambition, to start fresh in Denver. I've traveled to that city twice and loved it both times I've been out there. I like the feel out West as well. Less liberal, less taxes, more conservative. I have the money to start over somewhere else, but who is to say that the grass is really greener on the other side?


I'm kind of at a crossroads on what route to take in my life, do I keep on keeping on in my career, buy a house, and settle for a middle class lifestyle or do I start over fresh somewhere else with a new job and a new location hoping that through that I will establish the identity that I once had that I feel I've now lost through dedicating my life just to work.


When I turned 30 it was like wow, where did my twenties go. I really don't want that to happen when I turn 40.

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30 is so young! If you have the opportunity to move somewhere beautiful-do it. I would love to live some place warmer and if you dislike the long cold winters-go west. Mountains are so lovely and majestic. I love beautiful scenery, and I don't think you have that where you are.


Do it-- dedicate your life to you!

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Nowhere will be perfect but if you feel like you want a big change it's best to try things than be regretful. Do you enjoy your job? I started revaluating my life big deal as welll when I turned 30, you almost feel like you were supposed to be somewhere else by now. It's quite common these concerns when you hit 30. At the same time do you feel like you would like to take more chances? Have a think of our dreams, what do you yearn for yourself? What story do you want to relay when you are 80?

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Why not schedule some extended vacation time and set up job interviews there? Then if you land a job offer, you'll have something you're moving toward and the decision will be a lot easier than basing it on what you want to leave behind.


Under normal circumstances, I'd just say do it. I've done it. But this is the worst recession I've seen in my lifetime, and savings can dwindle awfully fast.

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