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  1. Good luck! This was a perfect thing to do. He might just be shy want wanted you to show interest and you did by making the list and giving him your number. I think he will be reaching out soon. Please post back and tell us what happens.
  2. You might want to look up the work limerence. It is a word used to describe people who get very intense crushes to others who may or may not reciprocate. There is a spectrum and I feel I am on it. When the limerent person is receiving attention from the person, they are high on life, however when the attention disappears they become very depressed. You have to cut yourself off of this person.m Force yourself to stop thinking about them, don’t follow on social media, etc. There are some in-depth explanations as to why this happens. I suggest you read up on the subject so you can understand yo
  3. Not sure how old you are but maybe just accept you will likely have 10-20 or more “relationships” before you marry or may never get married. Stop holding on to guys like they are the last creatures on earth. The next time you are in a relationship tell yourself they probably won’t be the one and enjoy the relationship for what it is. Also, overly nice people finish last. Sorry to say, but it's true. Learn to give to yourself first, then others. Clutching on to people and being overly nice are going to drive people away rather than attract them. Maybe get a great group of female fr
  4. Wow, surprised to read all the harsh comments. Reverse the genders here, and “he" would be getting high fives. All kinds of respected men date/are married to women 25+ years younger. Maybe not 18 years old, but much younger. I think 18 is too young, if he was a few years older I think it would remove some of the “taint.” I also have a lot of younger men hitting on me frequently and I too try to date guys my age. Just my opinion, but it is a lot harder to connect with men in their late 40s. I try and generally it doesn’t work out, or they are scarce - one’s that are single that is. I re
  5. Think of it this way: You are saving his marriage! I know lots of people who cheat and basically the cheating relationship is maintaining the marriage. If you actually think he will leave his wife for you set a hard deadline. Give him a month. If he doesn’t leave, then leave him. DO NOT WASTE YOUR 20s on a loser.
  6. You might want to look up the term limerence. It’s when you crave attention from men (in your case) and develop a romantic infatuation and crave their attention. There is a spectrum for this mental state and perhaps you have a mild form of it. I feel I have it to some extent as well. I love the idea of fantasizing, over an actual relationship at times. Anyway look it up, it may explain your feelings.
  7. I believe folks are all over the place lately. I have had so many random people start conversations just to check in, to know if I am single and I have done some similar reaching out myself. None have amounted to a date, however, a few are hours (by drive, or by flight) away. I had a much younger man basically engage in tons of chat without making a formal plan or plans that I cancelled. I feel like COVID/texting/messaging is making everyone unable to close a deal. First, please do not blame yourself. For all you know the guys could have gained 20 pounds, or have some other issue
  8. I would let the urge to reach out rest for a few days. If by the end of the week you still feel like reaching out then do so. As I mentioned in a previous post, an ex of mine committed suicide several months ago. I always thought about reaching out to him over the years and I never did. Now I feel bad about that. No one is going to give you a medal at the end of life for being righteous. Do what you feel like doing and live in the moment. Maybe just be cautious of any red flags and have little expectations as to whether you will be more than friends.
  9. Pre-nups are always a touchy subject. I know many wealthy men on their third or forth marriages who insist one to limit their wealth exposure from divorce. They often want to be married, with a wife who doesn’t work and can travel at the drop of a hat, look after them, with no time for an income source of their own, only to pay them a paltry sum (compared to their net worth) should things go awry. Not sure why a guy who lives at home with little assets would worry about such things? Maybe he thinks he will be Jeff Bezos on day LOL. The solution for him would be to put his (his family’
  10. You are right Marital, I just cannot ask. It is so out of left field. Maybe if he sent the snow pic. Oh well, COVID is making me a bit looney.
  11. The summer guy came on so strong...Jeez, I read his fb, mentioned mental health and suicide. I hope he is ok. I agree Marital, not sure what his intentions are to come on so strong?? Re: the other guy. I would think when you ask what activities they like to do and they mention upcoming outdoor sports, they would say “with my kids/wife” like a woman might do, but no mention of any relations. Also, English is not his first language, it’s good, but sometimes things a bit gets lost in translation. I recall him being a bit nerdy/awkward, but I’m not going to “double” reach out to someone w
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