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He only broke up with me on like, Saturday night...


And his personal message for MSN says "I have another girl on my mind & I don't know how to tell her".


I wasn't even going to talk to him today. I haven't talked to him at all since saturday. But he messaged me and vented about his dad, his family problems etc. I was really cool & everything about it. I saw how selfish he was being, using me as an emotional crutch. But hey. I'm trying to get brownie points with karma. I'll get a good guy one day...


Anyway. I hate this omg. -_- . I cant think before typing so naturally I started being really rude. He was all "Oh i dont have a new girl yet but if I get one ill tell you"


Me- why the hell would i want to know that?

Him- Because we're friends?

Me- We're also ex's and its not appropriate

Him- That doesnt matter. Wouldnt you tell me about your new relationships?

Me- No?! Maybe you're already over it but I'm not so can you please grant me a little respect & not tell me if you do get a new girlfriend?

Him- Okay calm down.



=[[[. GRR GRR GRRR. I hate thinking im so irreplaceable. UGH. I hate him!

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Cut all contact! You can not be friends with an ex right away, simply because wounds are still fresh.


I'm in post-break up mode right now, and only just now have realized I need to move on and cut all contact with him in order for ME to feel better. Because HE does not care about me, or my feelings and if he loved me, if he wanted to make it work then he would have tried right away.


So my advice to you is...

Forget his problems, forget his family and their problems. If he cared and wanted you, he would not have broken up with you. And those kind of MSN messages are just lame. Ignore them. Ignore him and move on. But don't think about revenge, don't think about karma, just try and keep him as far away from you as possible If that means blocking him from msn, and blocking his emails then so be it. Look after number ONE, which is YOURSELF! He is obviously looking after himself.

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I agree with Petite, you cannot be friends with an ex you still have feelings for. YOu need to cut all contact.


As for "just breaking up with you", sadly, he most likely has known her for awhile and she was the catalyst for the split. 99% of the time (IMO), there is someone else, even if it is just a friend - but it's someone they want to know better.


If it's any consolation, everything he feels for you is not gone, or he wouldn't still be in contact. I would still ignore him, however.

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He did not just break up with you, THEN go out right on out and find himself a new girl to be with/crush on/whatever the case may be. More likely he has had her in the picture for awhile and it has been causing him confusion, as hard as that is for you to swallow.


Don't make a bigger mess of things with him, and don't try to play the "I'm friends with my ex game". If he wants her now (or if he thinks he wants her), let him have her. Focus on yourself, and cut him off.


Very hard to do, I know But every bit of contact with him is just picking at the wound and it doesn't do you any good.

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Read your earlier thread...his recent behaviour of distance and poor communication while still trying to keep you in the picture with sporadic effort here and there, is a very clear sign to me that he was lining up a new prospect (hoping you will hang around if it doesn't work out). Stop talking to him completely.

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Sorry...that stinks.

It sounds like he had already contemplated breaking up for awhile, while it feels so new to you. Also, seems like he's ready to chat with you as a buddy and even hear if about a new relationship if you had one and you're understandably not interested.

You don't have to "be nice" for good karma. Treat yourself well and others will treat you well.

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Thank you guys so much.


I NC'd his ass, I hope he gets the message that I don't want to talk to him. It's good that he let me go gradually, easier to deal with not talking to him.


Having this other girl lined up... I guess I kind of see that. My pride is a little wounded but I guess that's just the type of guy he is, because when he first liked me he had things like that in his MSN name too.


His loss, whatever

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ay0... yeah my situation is similar to this.. but we were together for 3.5 years before he started to act weird. met the new girl about a month before he dumped me out of nowhere.


i wish i could give you good advice, but i'm in the middle of the pain and confusion too.


def NC. he doesn't deserve your friendship. i mean.. they did leave us for someone else after all. what idiots! i don't want to be friends with an idiot lol

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You could teach him a lesson by getting another guy right away... image removed


(I'm kidding!)


Seriously, that sucks. Happened to me before. Very inconsiderate to flaunt it around like that, but what can you do? Other than break all communication.

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