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  1. More references associated with the targeted career path are always invaluable. Doesn't matter if they are volunteer or not. In theory an employer seeing all these references to volunteer work should make them at least consider you if the work is closely related to the job description. Also some employers get all snobby towards someone who has not stayed in the workforce long term. It is ridiculous to see healthy foods being more expensive than these processed foods. I'm currently bulking up which is not easy with my body type or with my previous eating habits. Going from three meals a
  2. A persons personality does not reside in their boobs or their penis or what have you. Many people look at themselves and see these areas as a deficiency which somehow requires enhancement to make them a better person if they are lacking. If the man or woman is with you and loves who you are, they are not going to give a damn about bust or girth. In the case of a woman, most men will have checked out their bust size when they first meet them anyway. If the man decides to make advancements anyway and chooses to stay with that woman long term, bust size is highly unlikely to be an issue.
  3. People react differently to alcohol. And the affects can change over time. I use to be the chatty type when drinking alcohol as long as I was not intending to get wasted. Now all it does is makes me want to sleep. I guess some people like that generic 'safe' lifestyle which is absolutely fine. Less hassle, less what if's. Difference with you is you choose to try out scenarios out of curiosity to see what the outcome is which some people need to do from time to time to get answers. I believe this has to be done some times. We never know how things may turn out.
  4. Very easily. They dumped you to do this. Or they did it because you are a douche bag besides already having a physical interest in someone else. If you are hot enough to be able to get laid by someone attractive without any effort, this is instant gratification. Welcome to the human race.
  5. There is this universal mindset that everything bigger is better. Not just penises.
  6. I think you should go. You won't know what you;re missing until you go.
  7. Ever since cellphones and texting, it appears people of all ages are writing in this way. I think some some people may even see it as cool? I remember I think 2000? The high school I was in allowed students to write in text type spelling to answer their exams, so they were allowed to use 2 instead of to and b4 instead of before etc etc. Great promotion for what is prevalent now. Oh, and Happy Valentines day to you too.
  8. Hm.. Maybe it translates differently over there. : / Basically meaning didn't turn out too well. Well better luck with this tennis instructor.
  9. Ha ha ha at the lol cats post. Especially like the over use of the same image portraying bella and the triangle brows for Ed. As for the netspeak, I never understood why it caught on in the first place. Even when I text I use full words. Sure it is funny in lol cats though. Sorry to hear S turned out to be S for Sucks. Lots more fish in the sea if you like fish.
  10. I'm rather confused here and I know I'm reading this wrong. Your profile has had hundreds of euros as in people in Europe who have viewed but not contacted you? I think it's because the words hundreds and euros are in the same sentence. Anyway, hope S turns out to be S for special on the date/meet up thingy.
  11. Good luck! I hope this link removed thing works out for you
  12. I'm guessing they don't have child? Just thinking maybe a kid used it like a playground swing and broke it.
  13. During reading the start of this post I was thinking, where is the mentioning of hot guys? Ah.....right at the end lol. I can't see why that wouldn't be a necessity.... Well hopefully everything else goes smoothly. At east there are no more awkward dinners with the dance instructors husband.....right?
  14. I think for the most part, this is the way partners are seen when relationships when they end and you are 100% certain the break up was their choice by becoming someone else who now just doesn't care. My ex was very similar. When we first met, she made me a very beautiful painting and now still beautiful, the center piece is now empty. Hard to explain clearly as I do not like talking about the painting in full detail. I could recite words from her poetry when ti was appropriate to use in everyday conversation with her. She was the first partner I ever wrote a song for with what she pl
  15. Yeah I can feel an awkwardness just from BEING at their wedding reception, watching them get married and later on to have him confess this when he is still with his wife, besides being older by over ten years. Well.....I hope dinner was good?
  16. Sometimes it's not even just hygiene, but yes it can be vary hard to get out of it gracefully without hurting a loved partners feelings. For example, an ex had a smell/taste problem downstairs after swimming in a chlorinated pool. It was hard not to lurch back in shock and because I was in shock from the unexpected smell, all I could say was, "no.... I can't do it" She didn't take it too hard fortunately as she herself didn't know she would react that way downstairs as either.
  17. They do not perform oral because of the taste but they do avoid it if there is a taste which is too much too handle.
  18. Well that's one way to make you feel bad for not doing what he wants you to do. You should not buy into this sort of reasoning as the truth is not everyone enjoys doing what he wants you to do. I suppose this could be considered as abusive.
  19. It's due to a well established metal band. Due to them, the chance for support of up coming metal bands increased as there will always be decent venues being arranged and recording support for metal artists are made much more available. We do have other young bands about although do not get the support which are still not a far cry from metal being screamo. So it's pretty much exclusive as to who gets the support and who doesn't based on genre. Maybe due to having these crazy people around him for the most part while living in his head has caused him to be the way he is? I don't know, y
  20. If he has some sort of kink in seeing a female gag on his semen then it would be a turn on. None the less not all women like being in that situation where they are rendered obligated to do everything that their partner wants in some sort of master/slave role. If it kills HIS buzz then he is inconsiderate of your enjoyment when it comes to oral. In any relationship I believe there has to be an agreement between both people on whatever the act is regardless of how much either person likes it.
  21. A mans semen can indeed taste down right nasty. It would be a miracle if a mans semen did taste like something worth being swallowed. In most cases, at the most, it's tolerable but not something most people would say "I hankering for some semen". Swallowing semen would most likely be the equivalent to say caviar or anchovies as in, it's usually an acquired taste regardless of how it tastes.
  22. Well I hope you update us on what it was like. I think it would be a lose lose situation for me to go to one. I would either be too anxious to come up with any great conversation or I would be too tanked to make much conversation. Being naturally introverted....what a nuisance
  23. Speed dating.... I think I'd get too anxious and go blank after smiling and saying hi. Have you been to one before? How is it set up? Are people all in the same room swapping from person to person? How much time do you spend talking to the person?
  24. I can see it being rather rare to come accross someone equally creative and expressive as yourself. I'm not sure how a partner being attractive could compliment someone? Unless you are grasping at straws? There used to be a time when there were people here who were outwardly expressive in their forms of art but it seems to have disappeared over the years. We still have our aging Jazz musicians playing at the local corner cafe, but that's about it now. Used to be fine arts students and glass blower students forming bands all the time. It's a shame that doesn't happen anymore. It's now
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