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  1. Difficult to really say. It could be due to associating good memories with them even though they may not want to be a back with that person for whatever reasons. Could be sentimental value. Could be due to not letting go completely. These are some variables anyway. For what it is worth I have keep photos but have moved on and for some I truly hope they do find happiness even though it may have ended badly between us.
  2. My username is based on the situation I was in during a relationship. People were hidden from me and I was hidden from people.
  3. More references associated with the targeted career path are always invaluable. Doesn't matter if they are volunteer or not. In theory an employer seeing all these references to volunteer work should make them at least consider you if the work is closely related to the job description. Also some employers get all snobby towards someone who has not stayed in the workforce long term. It is ridiculous to see healthy foods being more expensive than these processed foods. I'm currently bulking up which is not easy with my body type or with my previous eating habits. Going from three meals a
  4. A persons personality does not reside in their boobs or their penis or what have you. Many people look at themselves and see these areas as a deficiency which somehow requires enhancement to make them a better person if they are lacking. If the man or woman is with you and loves who you are, they are not going to give a damn about bust or girth. In the case of a woman, most men will have checked out their bust size when they first meet them anyway. If the man decides to make advancements anyway and chooses to stay with that woman long term, bust size is highly unlikely to be an issue.
  5. People react differently to alcohol. And the affects can change over time. I use to be the chatty type when drinking alcohol as long as I was not intending to get wasted. Now all it does is makes me want to sleep. I guess some people like that generic 'safe' lifestyle which is absolutely fine. Less hassle, less what if's. Difference with you is you choose to try out scenarios out of curiosity to see what the outcome is which some people need to do from time to time to get answers. I believe this has to be done some times. We never know how things may turn out.
  6. Very easily. They dumped you to do this. Or they did it because you are a douche bag besides already having a physical interest in someone else. If you are hot enough to be able to get laid by someone attractive without any effort, this is instant gratification. Welcome to the human race.
  7. There is this universal mindset that everything bigger is better. Not just penises.
  8. Seems the weather all over the World is pretty rubbish. Or at least from what I have been hearing over the globe with the people I know.
  9. And I thought I was going to be looking at an edible cake. I thought diaper was just some strange American slang for some type of cake.
  10. Would be nice with warm caramel though..........mmmmmm Sorry if I have missed out something as I see you are 24 now. Happy belated B-Day no matter how late it is.
  11. Birthday Cake?! Did it have gravy like the biscuits?
  12. Ohhhhhh...... I think I'd still need to get over my worries as I was the type of child who would be on to of my Father's shoulders and randomly decide to lean back 180 so the whole World was upside down. Fortunately my Father knew when I was going to do it. My Father would throw me up in the air then catch me upside down and hang me by my legs when he was around his friends. I think me Father mistaken my laughter and screaming for me enjoying what was going on due to me liking to see the World upside down on my Father's shoulders. Who knows. He also allowed me to sip beer from his bo
  13. The image you had has been removed. My ex used to do it with her 'friends' baby in complete confidence of the baby's balance. I always felt like rushing up and keeping my hands somewhere around the baby just in case he/she decides to move about. Possibly due to how I was as a child at that age. Apparently at an outdoors lunch out in the back yard with neighbors, I decided to start rocking my high chair ion order to get out of it.
  14. Well I am glad your nan had a respective burial considering who things were prior, looking back into the thread since this topic. I see she has confidence in your balance in on of the photos while she was holding you. Always freaks me out to no end when people allow a young toddler to rest on their arm and keep themselves upright even though they have 101% confidence. I'd rather sit down next to them on the couch, look down and talk to them even if they make no sense to me. Maybe the infant can teach me a thing or two as well. Yes I have a problem with holding infants.
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