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  1. Thank you .I have thought about this and while my intuition is extremely strong that a vibe is good sign for us to use not simply to run away. So I have come to a conclusion that open communication is the best option while keeping the voice of intuition as well. If their actions do not match their words then you have trusted a liar until then. Back off let them do them.... thank you both for your thoughtful answers
  2. Do you listen and act on your intuition even though it is painful? I have a friend who I got very stong vibes several months ago but gave benefit of the doubt to find it was pretty right ..do you just normally drop everything and run ? Without explanarion? Do you trust your intuition enough to face pain now to just dissapear or do you just silently wait for truth to come up?
  3. Just looked back to see that I joined in 2008. Looked at my messages..it was a bit wierd. I wonder if there are any old friends still here and how you are all going?
  4. You need to realise that this your test that you are going through that will give you a chance in future with someone who really wants you
  5. If you like go for it..if you snooze you lose. Talking is not a crime
  6. Sounds like she wants to tie you down for the rest of your life...you dodged the bullet with your crappy behaviour..don't do it again and get away from this crazy woman
  7. You get to realise that only you can save you because we live in a world of double standards. Sad truth is in hospital some years back came close to dying and was alone that night. Also the people who you have respect love who never showed. Lesson learnt be your own champion be the person they can never be. Character is lacking unfortunately so let it go thank heavens you are better
  8. I have seen writers groups and found there is some good advice but I also see that I don't want to be a member because a certain state of mind brings out my creativity which those groups seem also to put me off so I won't be joining. Anonymous alias will allow me to relax into the writings and let thoughts emotions flow
  9. Critics don't phase me. I just want to write for the enjoyment and expression. Thanks for your tips
  10. Over time I have discovered that I love writing .. poetry thoughts..love life death birth...many topics. Where is a good place to write anonymously ? I have been told blogs are the best way to write and develop that more. Advice thoughts recommendations?
  11. If she wanted you she would have made it clear by now instead of ignoring you when you told her how you felt. She cant have both of you and must make her own choice. Walk away and save your sanity
  12. All that glitters is not gold.. So appreciate what you have.. before you get too old.. The grass looks greener .. Over there... But it too has its problems we miss Because its easy not to care... Sometimes life looks depressing.. So on an adventure we will go... Exciting mysterious... Yet half way we want to go back home... Appreciate your problems... Its how we know we are alive... And dont get too greedy.. Because it will kick you in the behind... Hi friends....hope you like it. Be kind to yourselves and always be aware...it could be worse over there so just appreciate your life however it comes.
  13. Firstly I am very sorry that this has happened to you. Secondly you are not inadequate as a aperson at all. He was the liar..he was doing that behaviour. How can you live a life with him if he could not come clean about his preferences? He is a liar and its time to kick him out.
  14. That is one of the best poems I have ever ever read..huge pat on your back!!
  15. I never think of my poetry but I always write in that fashion.. You came into my life , just from no where, Sense something empty, Deep inside of me, You held mmy hand in solace, An amazing friend indeed, I think of you quite often, I hope you never leave, You helped me see the beauty, That i possessed inside, I have since flourshed, Like a beautiful flower , A soul coming on full bloom, I now understand , That life is not just doom, I am only human, Yes i make mistakes, But when things get rocky, I think of your nurturing words, And love its on its way, I have so much understanding , You showed the way, I am blessed to have met you, I wish good for you every day. Thank you my great ena friend...I wish you love ..growth and a fruitful life. ,
  16. And so you think this is the end, But we love your smile my friend, Some days thing seems so hard, Yet it seems that salvation is oh so far, As i read i realise, That your kind words, Are like heaven in many peoples eyes, So when the darkness comes again..start to smile and realise that you have a friend..
  17. Aww..youre welcome.. Youve just made a grown man blush lol
  18. Its good to see your courage ready2heal. Sometimes we allow those feelings far too long inside... I feel your release ... i can relate to those thoughts which I take to the grave...good on you for letting them out... A powerful poem... Tb
  19. Being from a greek background and huggy family..yes my mother treat us all like her kittens or something.lol. We will always be their babies but just remember they need to be trained as well. Mine now knows wen to stop...my eyeball stares her and she just..stops.Thank heavens.
  20. With that day rises a brand new sun with hope for you to shine along.. Very nice tiredof vampires. Your command of words took me deep into the passages of your mind.. I am sorry for your pain and the sun will rise but once again.. tb
  21. tiredofvampires thank you.. You are welcome in your comments and its nice to have such a spiritual person here. Metro girl.. How do you know someone doesnt think this way about you too? Supa gurl/Ready2hel thanks again but the real thanks belongs to the fantastic lady who inspired these feelings after a very uplifting message..
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