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what do you do when he is moving slow

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This is through a matrimonial website,

This guy n i talked on phone for about 2 month,

we were gonna meet but my knee was injured so i called and cancelled the plan,

we continued to talk,

he said he wants to come c me, but he is trying to sell his house or something, also he is having problems at his job.

I said "I want to meet you, if you want I can come there, b'coz by talking on phone we are really not getting to know anything more about each other."

Him (cleared his throat) "ya, me too. I'll c what I can do, may be call a client and tell him to sponsor my travel."

Its been 2 weeks, we haven't talked.

I'm tired of talking and if he is not interested in meeting, I'm calling it quits. (I've posted this before) When we were discussing marriage n kids (which he initiated) he asked Qs which gave me an impression more like "are you sure you want this from your life?"

Whats going on? I'm thinking of calling him this weekend and saying "Its been a pleasure to get to know you. I think you are a wonderful man, but I dont' see myself talking with you forever. I have a feeling that you are not interested in taking forward steps as much as I'm. You also seem to have doubts about whether I want other aspects of marriage as much as you do. I can only get a hang of these things if we have met 3-4 times and have gotten to know each other and see things moving towards something serious." and see how he reacts.

What do you think? I'm getting frustrated.

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He has clients that will pay for his transportation but he can't afford his own? Sounds fishy to me. I wouldn't say the things you mentioned here I would just fib and say you met someone else whom you're very interested in seeing where it goes and you wish him the best.

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I would simply respond to his next message with "Thank you for your e-mail but on reflection I do not think we are a good match."


Don't embellish or write the novel you planned to write - he is a stranger who is not a good match for you by definition because you want someone who will put in a certain level of effort to meet you in person and you believe this person is not meeting your standards. Embellishing is a waste of time and likely will lead to him getting defensive in a response. If he responds with "why" then you can write something very short like "We are not a good match because I am looking for someone who will put in a reasonable amount of effort to meet me in person and for whatever reason you are not willing to put in that kind of effort. I wish you all the best."

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What is a matrimonial website?


Regardless, if hes stopped contacting you for two weeks, hes no longer interested.


I dont see any reason for you to contact him again, as what you plan on saying to him will convince him he did the right thing in blowing you off. Leave with your pride intact.

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matrimonial = marriage



LOL. I think that was pretty clear. I do understand English.


I mean there are dating sites that pair you for marriage? How does that work? No dating? Just browse a profile and set a date?

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