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I am on the pill. Is it ok to have my bf cum in me? or should he pull out just to be on the safe side? We love eachother very much and he is ready if I became pregnant, I'm just not sure I am. I want him to cum in me and I no how well the pill works. I'm wondering if it's a bad idea?

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This is where I stand. I'm on the b-control pill and I take it PERFECTLY. I've never missed one, or taken one more then 5 minutes past the time I'm supposed to. Even when I went to Florida, since I take it at 10:00 here, I took it at 11:00 there, because it;s an hr later. I didn't even want to risk that hr off for 5 days.


But as an EXTRA percaution my boyfriend pulls out aswell. Condoms are out of the question, they arn't comfortable for me and they give me rashes, latex or non-latex. Although I very want to exprience what it feels like for him to cum in me, I dont want to risk it. Im nowhere near ready to be a mother, and honestly I'm 95% sure I don't want kids at all. I plan on being on b-control for ever, although when I get married to him, he will be able to cum inside me. But I don't want kids. Even if he came in me, and there would be almost no risk of me getting pregnant, we would both still be paranoid until my next period came.


So whats the point in risking things?

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Yeah, I've never missed one or taken one late.


I make sure I never use antibiotics, and my medicine (lexapro, and things like advil and pain medicine) and my yeast infection cream I used, dont affect against the potency. Only strong anti-biotics do. IF you need an anti-biotic, you can even find one that doesn't react with your b-control.


I always have him pull out. No need in feeling paranoid. Not pulling out when on b-control is like shooting yourself in the foot.


I was stupid with my ex when I lost my virginity, I wasn't on b-control, he didn't use a condom, just pulling out. THANK GOD I didn't get pregnant, but I wont be that stupid again.


Pulling out itself, doesn't do much. But that on top of b-control is pretty solid.

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