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  1. If you are interested in getting to know him then forget it. He is just bored and horny and hoping for a repeat performance. If he was interested in getting to know you he would have pursued you and wouldnt have disappeared in the first place. This is most definitely about sex.
  2. IF he is lying about his mother passing it means he has NO intention of ever meeting you. Because, unless he is a complete nutcase with no concept of reality or conscience, there is no way that he could possibly explain that away or maintain that lie. Cut your losses now.
  3. It sounds to me like you are using 'closure' as an excuse to see him again. If he gave you all those reasons they should be enough. Besides, closure doesnt even come from the other person, it comes from within, its the stuff you tell yourself, the rejecting him for rejecting you, the acceptance that it is over etc
  4. Its more than odd. "my life would be his, to serve." is a form of slavery. What are you thinking of???
  5. What kind of a role model will YOU be to your daughter if you obey someone regardless of what you want. Do you think he will want to control her in the future, stop her having friends, dictate her boyfriends, decide what college she goes to. This is a very dangerous path you're on, make wise decisions now for you and your child's future.
  6. What do you think would happen if you had a dream of doing something with your life and he didnt want you to do it? Would you do it anyway and to hell with the consequences? Or would you let him take your dream and crush it?
  7. You need to tell him to stop or get out... and mean it! If he continues, then kick him out. If you don't, he will continue to make a fool of you. There is no other way to make this end.
  8. I wouldn't. She has her new boyfriend now to console her, doesnt she? She shouldnt even be texting you things like that.
  9. I like that it says on the Earncashfastwithgoogle page.... "Your bank roll won't know what hit it!" I bet!! It's quite worrying that people can get away with this stuff.
  10. The OP might want to examine some of the key skills on which I was trained which was based on this book if she feels that she could have done something more, something different. link removed But she shouldn't beat herself up about it because from my experience of having the authority to give them exactly what they wanted (which I did) - I'd give them a brand new item in exchange, or their money back, and a free this or that and/or vouchers as a gift for their inconvenience and an apology. I took their names and telephoned them back, I kept things back especially for them, I ordered i
  11. I don't think you should do anything. You got something off your chest and it probably needed saying even if you do now regret it. And I don't mean this in a bad way but you haven't blown your chances of reconcilliation here because it was already over. If she wants you back she knows what she has to do. Until that time, keep moving forward in your life and leave her in the past.
  12. Yea, your right, she could have taken down his address but so the police could go around and arrest him. In my opinion...If you can't be civilized over a stupid problem and feel the need to abuse and threaten a poor girl because she didnt smile enough or make a phone when you think she should have, then you shouldnt be allowed out of the house. I wonder if he came back for her or robbed the store?
  13. She didnt blow them off, she phoned the boss.
  14. I can totally understand the frustration too, but I can totally understand the frustration even more at being shouted at by rude and aggressive people when you are feeling trapped and threatened in a vulnerable position when its not even your fault. People take out their frustrations on the wrong people.
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