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i met a guy and i like him heaps,but i think he just wanted sex....what do you think?


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we met at a club. he was watching me all night and finally came up to me and started talking.then he kissed me. after he kissed me he took me outside and we were all over eachother. making out and everything. He asked me for my number and i gave it to him.then he sent me messages saying for me to come back to his house. i didn't i told him to message me the next day instead.well he did message me the next day and asked me to be his girlfriend. he told me he hasn't had much luck with girls and that when we do eventually have sex he won't be any good. i'm so messed up over this. i ended it because i thought he just wanted to have sex with me and he told me i was lying and that wasn't the case at all. and he told me to leave him alone.we haven't spoken since and i really really do like him. and he told me he likes me too.what should i do?leave it as it is or try and get him back?

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you don't really, really like him, you just like how he looks. If you only met him at a club once and made out, you don't know anything about him, or know him well enough to decide whether he is good enough to be your boyfriend.


if you want to know who a person really is, you need to date him for a while to figure out who he really is. If you have sex right away, you are having sex with a body, not a person, because you have no clue whether he is a good or bad person, or anything in between.


If he won't take time to get to know you out of bed, and do things with you other than having sex and making out, then obviously he is only after sex. And don't agree to be anyone's girlfriend until you know them better. Just date him for a while (without sex) to discover who he really is.

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From a male perspective. Run far, far away. I go out sometimes and have sex with random girls but I NEVER ask them to be my girlfriend. I mean I might if we end up getting along for a while. But asking someone to be their girlfriend after just meeting them is a little shady in my books.


Someone who doesn't date around like him and is that open about it, and insecure is generally the clingy type. I'd say it's best to stay away from that guy.

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Sparkly - leave it as it is, unless you want to be his w*****g machine. You've said to him that he only wants sex with you. This is absolutely right, as he's got nothing else to go on. He doesn't know you as a person, understand you, your likes, dislikes etc. And you don't know him, either, except in so far as this is a guy who told you to leave him alone after you refused to go to his house and actually challenged him about it.


Sorry, Sparkly, he doesn't sound much of a catch to me!

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My ex asked me to be his gf on our first date (first time we ever met, too). 9 months later I realized he had problems. (by the way it was just a coincidence I broke up with him after the same length of the typical pregnancy)


Can we say insecure? needy? jealous? suspicious? controlling? Yeah that's the prize I decided to pass on to the next lucky girl.


I was 18 at the time & I think my frontal lobe was still developing. That is the judgement center of the brain. And my excuse for being retarded.


Don't agree to be in a relationship with a needy person after less than 1 date.

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i've dated a guy just like that, almost. he cheated on me twice. as much as you like him, do yourself a big favor and don't date guys from clubs. don't ever date guys from clubs, especially ones that go there all the time. they are big cheaters and all they care about is having as many girls as possible. i know. i've been there. and so have my friends. the story repeats itself.

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