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Thread: Job Search is Causing Depression

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    Hang in there and keep at it. It's actually quite difficult to keep spirits up during job searching, and I agree that getting anything in the meantime will help. The problem with job searching is that sometimes it's during unemployment with way too much time on our hands. That means more thinking time, which can be bad. If you have structure and purpose during the job searching phase you can mitigate the risk of getting down and despondent.

    Some tips if you're not already doing it:
    1. Get your CV looked at by someone in the industry. Often you can find fairly inexpensive CV writing services which will give your CV a revamp. Speak to your friends about CV formats that have worked for them - reasearch on line and learn how to make an awesome CV which makes your value stand out.
    2. Think about your application strategy. Are you seeing the full breadth of jobs available? I ask this because you can't assume that one trusty search engine is going to capture everything. Typically I rely on and scan at least 3 search engines.
    3. LinkedIn profile as Wiseman has suggested. In today's market this is a MUST. Match this up with your CV and take time to add more detail such as your projects. Reach out to those you have worked with who may give you a LinkedIn reference. Update your skills and endorse your contacts for their skills. Getting endorsements is important because some employers search on LinkedIn against listed skills. Spend as much time on your LinkedIn profile as your CV.
    4. gebaird is right - remember it's a numbers game. Your application may be one of a huge number, and often the law of averages will sort you out eventually, but you need to hang on.
    5. Recruiters at any point of time will be working on placing a set number of individuals who are sort of in their 'working stack'. Once these people get placed in jobs, new people will replace them. It may take time for your CV to become one of those to get increased focus and publicity within their recruitment company - but you have to stay active.
    6. Meet up with recruitment consultants for coffee to represent yourself and make a good impression. It's easy to do, and recruiters will welcome it. It will separate you from the rest, and you can build up a more personal relationship with that recruiter which could serve you well for the long term.

    Good luck!

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    That area should have a local state office that places the public into jobs. I would check into that if I was you. This place is usually connected to Unemployment Compensation and it's where people who received unemployed have to go for job search assistance.

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